We Don’t Need No Stinking Edumacation!

Yeah, okay, it’s Texas and we know Texas isn’t that hot, but with the sorry state of education in the state, you’d think they’d be looking for all of the help they could get.  But of course, you’d be wrong.  Instead, in the latest textbook debacle the state has been involved in, where their books claimed that African slaves were, in fact, “workers”, education officials rejected a plan to have their textbooks checked over by university academics.

You wouldn’t want actual educated people evaluating your educational program or anything, would you?

Instead, they’re going to continue to do what they’ve done all along, rely on people who haven’t got a clue about much of anything, mostly a collection of parents, teachers and other members of the general public.  You know, the idiots who got it all wrong in the first place.

In 2014, the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund found serious and numerous errors in Texas’ history books up for review. “A number of textbook passages essentially reflect the ideological beliefs of politicians on the state board rather than sound scholarship and factual history,” said Kathy Miller, the president of the Fund.  The extreme overemphasis of religion on early American politics has also been criticized, something that simply is not defensible in reality.  Miller continued, “With all the controversies that have made textbook adoptions in Texas look like a clown show, it’s mind-boggling and downright embarrassing that the board voted this down.”

But as we all know, this kind of ridiculous anti-education nonsense is rampant in Texas and many other places in the south. With creationists regularly serving on school boards, with schools trying to shape history to fit their own religious narrative, it’s a wonder anyone in the state of Texas can actually read, much less learn how things actually happened in the history of this country.  History isn’t a matter of opinion, things that happened actually happened no matter how bad it might make modern day Texans.  We can’t pretend that whitewashing reality makes it all go away.

And this is why I continue to push for national standards in education.  This is not uncommon unfortunately.  So long as we have biased parents and teachers and preachers making the rules, we will continue to have these problems.  The only people qualified to decide what should be taught are academics who actually have a grounding in the subject matter.  The schools exist to teach, not to indoctrinate and not to censor reality.  Until we’re willing, as a nation, to actually care what we put into the heads of our students, our educational system will continue to fail and it will be all our fault. It’s no wonder why the south is the worst at edumacation, we’ve allowed them to be that way.

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