Oh look, the left are racist again and nobody is paying any attention!  At Dartmouth College, you got #BlackLivesMatter protesters who invaded the college library and started screaming racial epithets at white students and not only does nothing happen to them, the school pulls all coverage of it off of the website of the Dartmouth Review.  It used to be located here, but you’ll notice it sure isn’t there anymore.  Sure, we’re all surprised.

Of course, if this had been white students screaming racial epithets at black students, you would have had the riot police out in force and the whole school demanding mass expulsions for everyone involved.  Instead, at least as of this writing, the school has done nothing and frankly, I’m not holding my breath that anything will happen at all.

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But this is symptomatic of the modern liberal educational system.  Some people, those favored by the left, get to get away with murder and those the left isn’t wild about are held  accountable for their actions, even actions they haven’t even committed. You have feminists pulling fire alarms to stop men’s groups from peacefully meeting and apparently suffering no negative repercussions.  How much do you want to bet that if a men’s group protested a feminist meeting and did the same thing, they’d be in handcuffs?

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The fact remains that there is a distinct double standard here.  Liberal social justice causes get away with murder and anyone else gets shouted down as being essentially sub-human  But these people are committing crimes, it is against the law to do what they did, to go around using what amounts to racial terrorism to attack other people.  These people need to be in jail, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, expelled permanently from their school and made an example of so everyone knows what kind of behavior is absolutely not acceptable.

Any bets they’ll all get away with it scot free?  Yeah, I think so too.  Clearly they need another, more accurate hashtag: #BlackRacistsMatter.

One thought on “#BlackRacistsMatter”

  1. Just a little bit hypocritical. The other day you posted criticisms of African-American liberals for complaining about racial slurs, and said no one has a right not to be offended, evern on the basis of their race. Now you are criticizing some African-American protestors because they called some white students "whitey"? You condemn them for using racially-charged language aimed at white students, but it is okay when white people hurl racial slurs and racially-charged language at African-Americans. If African-Americans have no right not to be racially offended, then white people likewise have no right not to be racially offended.

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