Horror Show Sunday: Not Just Muslims Do It

We talk about Muslims, especially in ISIS and Boko Haram, destroying historical monuments and ancient sites because their religion can’t stand any competition, but it might surprise people to know that it isn’t just the Muslims doing this, Christians have been blowing up Islamic mosques in Africa for years.  In an ongoing war between Christians and Muslims in the Central African Republic, Christian forces have destroyed more than 415 Islamic sites since 2012, displacing almost a quarter of the nation’s population in the fighting.

Christian forces want to wipe Islam out of the country and don’t really care who they have to kill to get the job done.  At least 5000 people have been killed in just the last two years.  The UN has about 8000 peacekeepers in the country, but a lot of them are leaving while there is no end to the violence in sight.

And of course, U.S. fanatical evangelical Christians are all in favor of this.  They can’t get away with waging war against non-Christians here, secular society has neutered their power, but it hasn’t neutered their hatred.  People like Theodore Shoebat openly preaches that Christianity needs to wield the sword and slay their enemies  because Christianity needs to win at all costs, no matter the human cost.  This kind of thing is very commonplace in the extreme evangelical community, you might remember that Scott Lively, who was very active in pushing for the death penalty for homosexuals in Uganda.  He currently faces a lawsuit, alleging crimes against humanity, for his actions in Uganda.

It really is a shame that so many people are unaware of the various religious wars that are going on around the world.  It isn’t just Muslim extremists in the Middle East, it’s Christians in Africa, trying to commit genocide on local Muslims, and Buddhists in Myanmar, also trying to commit genocide on local Muslims, and, of course, Muslims pretty much everywhere trying to wipe out the heretics.  There are no heretics.  You’re all a bunch of religious fanatics and all of you need to grow the hell up.  Maybe then, you’ll stop appearing on Horror Show Sunday, but I wouldn’t hold my breath about any of it.

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