Don’t Have to Learn in Home School

This is really, really sad.  The Texas Supreme Court actually has to hear a case in which the religious home schoolers are arguing that they don’t actually have to teach their kids anything in their “home school” because the rapture is coming and everyone is going to die anyhow.  And Texas has to actually consider whether learning anything is actually a requirement.

And of course, the religious whiners come out in droves, complaining that this is yet another case of religious discrimination, that parents ought to be able to teach their kids anything they want, or not teach them anything they want, and society should have absolutely no say in the matter.

Except that society has to pay the welfare costs for these uneducated dimwits who have never learned how to get a job, deal with the real world, and make their own way.  Society ultimately pays the costs for these numbskulls who never figure out how to handle reality because the only book they ever opened is the Bible.

Now don’t get me wrong, not all home schoolers are religious idiots, I know plenty who do very well and whose children outperform public school children.  That’s not really that hard because comparing home schools or private schools to public schools is like comparing apples to hand grenades.  Public schools have to take all comers, the mentally disabled, the entirely disinterested, the socially maladjusted, etc.  Private schools can take only the best and brightest, and since their parents have to cough up a bunch of cash, you can be sure that the parents are interested in their child’s education, unlike so many people whose kids just get dumped at public school because it’s cheaper than a babysitter.  So please, don’t assume that I’m critical of all home schoolers, just the ones who seem to think that not actually having to do anything or produce a decent product at the end is fine and dandy because Jeebus is coming back any day now.

These same people are the ones who fight requirements that their children should take state tests to prove they are learning what they are supposed to be learning.  I think I’ve pointed this out, but the only reason that home schooled kids actually perform well on these tests is because the testing is voluntary.  Only the best and brightest, the ones headed to college, are going to take these tests, the ones without two brain cells to rub together never bother and so the results are skewed much higher for homeschoolers, whereas public school students have to take the test regardless and this gives a more accurate result. If you’re actually interested in your “average” student, you have to treat all of them the same and that means requiring everyone to be tested, all the time, and those who consistently fail, they need to be denied the right to homeschool.  It is not, unlike some people seem to think, a constitutional right to home school.  It’s just tradition.  I think in a lot of cases, it’s a bad tradition, that a lot of these kids really belong in a traditional school setting, where they actually learn things, not just the Bible verses their fanatical parents feel like drilling into their heads.

But tell that to the religious crazies and they’ll act like the world is falling down around their ears, which of course, is what they really believe.  Are lunatics like that who we want educating the next generation?  I know my answer to that.



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