Feminists and TV

You might think this belongs on my other blog where I talk about geeky stuff, but I’ve really started to see this more in light of crazy feminists who only look at TV series in terms of the gender of the people they cast.  This whole thing came up as I was listening to a podcast on the new Supergirl TV series, which is very good by the way and you should be watching it, and the hosts started making a lot of arguments about how women are treated on television.

Now I’ll admit that women haven’t been particularly well treated on either the big or the small screen and that probably extends to different races as well, but as I’ve said before, there is a form of reverse racism and sexism going on by people with charts and stopwatches who desperately want their particular demographic to be on-screen just as long as other demographics. Instead of having a color-blind and gender-blind and orientation-blind world, they spend all of their time paying attention to only color, gender and orientation.  Instead of just hiring the best actors and actresses, they want special interest groups to get equal appearances on-screen whether they are actually good at it or not.

Don’t get me wrong, as I said, Supergirl is really quite good, but the writers keep jumping up and down with signs that say “See! We’re giving feminists what they want!”  It’s unnecessary.  They don’t need to have characters saying “isn’t it great that there’s a female superhero that my daughter can look up to!”

Beyond that though, they keep bringing up the Bechdel Test, which says that a show must have at least two women who interact with each other and don’t talk about men.  Supposedly, Supergirl passes the test, but shows like Arrow and Flash do not.  Well, Arrow and Flash are both primarily male dominated shows, made for a male audience.  There are plenty of female cast members, but when they talk, they are almost always talking about the male members because that’s what the show is about.  But you know what doesn’t make sense?  None of these women complain on female-dominated shows, aimed at a female audience, when the men are treated like set dressing and only talk about women.  I guess there is no reverse Bechdel Test.

And then you get the other side of the aisle who are mad that they made Jimmy Olson a black guy, just  because he’s always been white in the comics.  Who cares?  Mehcad Brooks is really, really good at it, who cares what his skin color is?  I know I don’t, I treat TV adaptations of comics as their own animals.  If they made it into Jody Olson and it was a black woman who really knocked the portrayal out of the park, I’d be down for that too.  A black, gay, transgender woman in a wheelchair?  Give me a good performance and I’m on board.  I couldn’t care less about any of that, why is everyone else so interested?

Also shipping.  I hate shipping.  While this is going to be more for the other blog, I’m just going to stick it here because it drives me crazy.  Shipping is what people who are really deeply invested in two characters getting together romantically on a show do. It’s short for “relationshipping”.  It’s utterly stupid.  Now I don’t care if, in the telling of the story, relationships happen, but more often than not, these people don’t care if it has any impact on the storyline, they just want to see various and sundry characters getting into relationships and honestly, it ruins shows.  It ruined Bones, I watched it for the first seven seasons until they did what show creator swore would never happen, that Bones and Booth would never get together, but he relented because all of the whining fanboys and girls demanded that it happened.  So they lost me as a viewer because it became more about the relationship and less about solving murders.  But when you listen to people talking about these shows, it invariably comes up who ought to be fucking who.  Who cares?  This is a police procedural or a mystery or a superhero show or a sci-fi epic.  It is not a romcom!  Stop pretending that it is!  If it directly ties in to the plot, fine.  If it’s just meaningless fluff designed to keep the fangirls happy, knock it off.

And thus ends the rant.  I know it isn’t as weighty as some things I cover, but sometimes, these things just need to be said.

5 thoughts on “Feminists and TV”

  1. "…Supergirl TV series, which is very good by the way and you should be watching it."

    A matter of opinion. I watched the first two episodes. Character's are weak, storyline is hokey. They need better writers.

  2. "Instead of having a color-blind and gender-blind and orientation-blind world, they spend all of their time paying attention to only color, gender and orientation."

    In the perfect world that should exist being color-blind and gender-blind might be appropriate. But we don't live in that world. The writers and producers of television and movies also need to be unbiased. They are not always so. And I am not speaking here solely of explicit, obvious bias. Often times stereotypes are perpetuated as a result of implicit bias, something that nearly every human has. Implicit bias is a fairly well-established phenomenon, supported by a considerable body of evidence from neuroscience and the psychological sciences.

  3. It is not a matter of 'being kind'. It is a matter of standing for biblical truth and not compromising the true meaning of the gospel. We cannot unite with apostate religions, such as the Catholic Church, which are not Christian at all…which teach another gospel and worship another Jesus. Get some discernment quickly or you will be led away by the deception of the one world church advocates and the anti-Christ who is soon to come on the scene. It is not time to 'get along'. It is time to proclaim the truth even when it seems unloving to do so. Stories like this one should be a warning that the Lord's return is near.

    1. You have no evidence that any of that religious crap is even true, that's what skeptics keep asking for and the religious cannot provide any valid, objective evidence that we should take any of it seriously. Running around throwing around ridiculous threats from an imaginary friend in the sky are not impressive, any more than we ought to be afraid that Voldemort is coming to get us all. Christians have been warning about the end of the world non-stop for centuries. There have been more than 80 end-times predictions since 1900 alone. How many have been correct? NONE OF THEM!

      But sure, Jesus is coming soon. Tell us another one.

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