Horror Show Sunday: Big Knives Used

Washiqur_Rahman_Babu-MishuI get tired of talking about atheist bloggers getting murdered in Bangladesh, but here we go again.  Washiqur Rahman was stabbed to death just outside his home at Dhaka’s Begunbari area.  Police were quick to note that “big knives were used”.

Rahman, who went by the online pseudonym Kutshit Hasher Chhana (Ugly Duckling), was “a progressive free thinker and was against religious fundamentalism,” according to Imran Sarker, head of Blogger and Online Activists Network in Bangladesh. Of course, that doesn’t set well with fundamentalist Muslims who, as with Avijit Roy earlier in the year, wasted no time taking out their righteous religious anger on Rahman, leaving him a bloody mess in the middle of the road.  This makes him the third atheist blogger to be murdered in the last two years in this Muslim-majority nation.

Even after friends had warned Rahman that he was in danger, he refused to relent and forcefully pursued criticism of religious fundamentalism in Bangladesh.  Even though there has been outrage about his death, that’s certainly not the only reaction. One online commenter wrote “I felt sorry when I first learned of your death. But then I saw what you wrote and I am not.”  Another wrote “See you in hell”, which I think is a bit silly, unless the commenter figured he was going too.

Asif Mohiuddin, a blogger who was, himself, injured in a machete attack in Bangladesh in 2013, remembers Rahman as a great satirist. “I named him the George Carlin of Bangladesh.  He wanted with all his heart, a true secular country, where everyone can practice their freedom.”

Too bad so many delusional religious idiots are so happy to pull a large knife and end a life because their precious little religious sensibilities are offended.  But what can you expect from those who end up on Horror Show Sunday?

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