Not Oppressed Enough

There’s something seriously wrong with the oppression politics that the progressives bandy about, being a victim has become a status symbol that everyone within the movement seeks out and when you realize that you’re not the most oppressed kid on the block, this causes some people to just break down in hysterics because they’re not being the most victimized progressive around.

Seriously, the idea of privilege walks and the like is really just idiotic, but apparently, privilege has no boundaries.  Oh no, all of you living social justice assholes, you’re all much more privileged than people who are dead!  Why don’t you all go fix that?  But that’s what you get when you base your entire ideology around victimhood, that your status within the movement is based on being more of a victim than thou.  And for those individuals cursed with having white skin or being born male, who simply cannot compete against much more oppressed minorities, they get to spend a considerable amount of time loathing themselves for things they had no choice in to begin with.

But of course, life just isn’t fair for these professional victims.  It isn’t fair that they were born with the skin color they were, or the gender they were.  It isn’t fair that their sexual orientation is that of the majority.  It isn’t fair that they were born with accursed perfectly functional bodies.  It isn’t fair that they didn’t have to starve in a third world nation, that they didn’t have to suffer easily curable diseases or that they had clean water to drink.  All of these things are entirely unfair in the oppression olympics, where their only goal is to win so all the rest of the progressive idiots will ride them around on their shoulders.  Waah, we’re just not messed up enough, we don’t elicit enough pity, we don’t get to win!

Well sorry, you’re all plenty messed up, just for the idiotic ideology that you adopt.  Victim politics makes you look like a moron, which brings down your IQ in the eyes of anyone rational on the planet.  I guess that probably makes you oppressed in some bizarre way, maybe that will help you to get ahead in your irrational race to the bottom.  Glad that I was able to brighten your day, or is that somehow oppressive too?

2 thoughts on “Not Oppressed Enough”

  1. I wonder, do some of these people have an underlying mental illness and their ideology is enabling the problem or is their ideology so out of whack with reality that it causes their mental illness? Either way there is a lot of nut cases in the house. Lol

    1. I really hate to think that there is something physically wrong with their brains, but I think it's clear that they have some kind of philosophical or ideological illness, where they believe really stupid things for really absurd reasons and really aren't particularly interested in finding out where their errors lie.

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