Horror Show Sunday: Innocence Doesn’t Matter


It’s one horrible, awful thing when someone is murdered on the street by a mob of angry Muslims because they’ve burned a Qur’an or somesuch, it’s entirely another when the person who is murdered isn’t even guilty of the crime.

A 27-year old woman, identified only as Farkhunda, was accused of lighting fire to a Qur’an and she was beaten with sticks and lit on fire by an angry Muslim mob which gathered outside of the police station in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul.  Police looked on but did nothing to stop the attack.

It wasn’t until later that police announced that she didn’t actually do it.  General Mohammad Zahir announced at her funeral that “Last night I went through all documents and evidence once again, but I couldn’t find any evidence to say Farkhunda burnt the holy Qur’an.  Farkhunda was totally innocent.”

Yeah, I’m sure that makes her so much happier.  Oh wait, it doesn’t, she’s dead.

Police have promised to bring the guilty to justice and have already arrested 13 people from the mob, including 8 police officers, but had they actually protected her in the first place, she might be alive today.  The murder has been widely decried, but as should be unsurprising, it also has received a significant amount of support, including from one prominent cleric who declared that Muslim men have a right to defend their beliefs at any cost.

Sure, you get to torch completely innocent people because you got your Islamic panties in a bunch!  And it was just a woman, who cares, right?  It isn’t like anyone important died!  As much as this whole thing disgusts me, it certainly doesn’t surprise me, it happens all the time.  Religious mob justice is commonplace in many places in the Middle East, anyone suspected of disrespecting their childish religion is attacked, beaten and often murdered in cold blood and people get away with it. It’s only after the people complain that something is done, but I’m sure nobody really cares much and it certainly won’t stop the crowds from gathering with their sticks and lighters the next time.  Fuck Islam.  Horror Show Sunday demands it.


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