Horror Show Tuesday: Claiming Religious Liberty

get-out-of-jail-free-cardThe more the Catholic Church opens its mouth, the more I detest this organization.  It’s not bad enough that it’s full of pedophiles, that the church protects them from prosecution and refuses to change policies which have clearly been responsible for creating the problem, now they’re going to pretend they have no obligation whatsoever to take responsibility for their failures.

Fuck the Catholic Church.

Now they’re trying to pretend that they have “religious liberty” and are therefore not required to pay compensation to victims of priestly sexual abuse, or in fact, pay any attention to the secular courts at all if they don’t want to.  The courts, according to them, have no power whatsoever over the Catholic Church so they can all take a flying leap.

This all came up when a Catholic school violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act in terminating a female teacher who was taking fertility treatments.  The case went to court and the defendant charged that the school had violated the law which bans all employers from discriminating on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.  The Catholic Church decided that not only would it not fight the lawsuit, it wouldn’t even acknowledge it.  It wouldn’t show up.  It would just pretend it wasn’t happening because any suits against the Church must be a violation of their “religious liberty” to do whatever the fuck they want to do.  Likewise, paying court-ordered compensation to victims of priestly sexual abuse is also a violation of their “religious liberties” and, apparently, following bankruptcy laws is as well.

The latter two came in a case where at least 45 priests from the Milwaukee Archdiocese molested more than 200 deaf boys. Ten of these boys were awarded a $17 million settlement, but Archbishop Anthony Dolan transferred $55 million into a cemetery trust to protect it from being confiscated, then declared bankruptcy for the archdiocese.  In 2013, the courts questioned whether the archdiocese had “made a fraudulent, preferential or avoidable transfer” to keep from paying the settlement and while the court was too chickenshit to call the church a fraud, they noted that their use of “religious liberty” would lead to “absurd consequences” and “favor dishonest debtors by preventing courts from inquiring whether a religious entity made a fraudulent transfer”.  This isn’t just some dinky little bankrupt archdiocese in the middle of Bumfuck, Wisconsin, the Vatican has said much the same thing, like this is an automatic “get out of jail free” card for the Church.

Is it any wonder that this criminal organization spends so much time in the Religious Horror Show?  I’m a bit surprised that they’re not as bad off as the Protestants and the Muslims in the rankings.  Ah well, idiots in dresses and funny hats abound, that’s what you can expect on Horror Show Tuesday.


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