Getting “Tagged” Out at Tag

The stupidity of liberals never ceases to amaze me.  They are dedicated to taking everything that is fun, everything that kids enjoy, and stripping it from their lives because it doesn’t fit into their liberal agenda.  Take this case, for example, out of Washington State, where the Mercer County School District has banned the game of “tag” because it involves touching other students and we just can’t have that!  Unfortunately, they’re hardly alone, as other cities, like New York, are going to start fining summer camps that allow tag and don’t have a dedicated medical staff available.

Seriously, is it any wonder our kids have turned into such wimps? I mean the whole no touching thing isn’t new, I’ve written about it before, but this one takes the cake.  Mercer County has released a statement that says that kids have to keep their hands to themselves to “ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students”.  The emotional safety?  What the hell?  Okay, sure, you can argue that kids running around having a good time might result in some skinned knees here and there, but emotional safety?  Oh right, nobody is ever allowed to lose with the liberal security blanket police around.  Kids all get trophies just for showing up and you’re not allowed to acknowledge that anyone is better than anyone else at anything, ever.

But didn’t all of us manage to survive games like tag, Red Rover and dodge ball when we were growing up?  None of us died. None of us were permanently scarred by friendly competition in the school yard.  What the hell is wrong with modern kids, that they can’t just have fun without needing to be medicated for it?  It’s the helicopter parent generation that is screwing these kids up so badly, making them unable to cope with adversity and that gives us a whole generation of college age kids who need trigger words and safe spaces because someone, somewhere, might just disagree with them and that’s just too traumatic to be believed.  But instead of allowing kids to be kids and have fun and learn how to interact on an interpersonal level, the school says “our hope has always been and continues to be an expectation that students respect others’ personal space and respect their individual and unique differences.”  Personal space?  Individual and unique differences?  That means that slow kids and fast kids are going to have to pretend to be the same because you just can’t make the slow kids feel bad for not being able to run fast.

Are you fucking kidding me?  Thanks liberals for ruining even more things that are not bad for you at all.  You are idiots and I bet I can run faster than you do, even now.  You are all failures at the game of life.  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


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