So Ignorant They Don’t Know They’re Ignorant

I know I’ve spoken at times about the theists who are so completely buried in their own mythology that they aren’t even aware that there’s anything outside of their mythology.  I ran into another one that got me rolling my eyes, this time a Jehovah’s Witness who was so impressed with what he considered Biblical prophecies, that when I pointed out to him that there were more credible explanations for his supposed prophecies, he freaked out.

So he came with those wonderful claims that the Bible authors knew things about the world that they couldn’t possibly have known, like the claim that the earth is a circle (Isaiah 40:22), that the earth hangs on nothing (Job 26:7) and that the universe spreads out (Job 9:8).  Now the last of these is complete nonsense, it is an assertion taken from a few words that is not defensible in any way, but the first two might be interesting if you didn’t know the ancient Hebrew conception of the universe.  Of course, if you do understand it, then these claims fit right in with this idea, an idea that is factually and ridiculously false.

But try telling that to this guy, who refuses to acknowledge anything that happens outside of the Bible.  His entire education in issues of mythology comes from between the covers of that book and if it doesn’t appear there, it doesn’t exist.  So I show him the above picture, a picture, by the way, which comes from the Logos Bible Company, but he just can’t accept it.  Never mind that it explains all of his claims perfectly well.  The ancient Hebrews believed that the world was a disk that floated upon the waters, held up by a rocky foundation.  Over the top was a hard firmament, upon which were the stars and other heavenly bodies.  Like pretty much all ancient peoples, the Hebrews were completely ignorant of how the universe actually operated. Their writings reflected that ignorance.  But here we have a guy who is not only equally ignorant of the way the universe works, he’s so ignorant that he doesn’t even know how ignorant he actually is!  And worse yet, he’s proud of it!  He can’t conceive of being wrong and that’s what makes discussing the matter with him so utterly  frustrating and pointless.

So I stopped and he’s still crowing how he won the encounter, but when you’re that absurdly ignorant, when you’re so proud of your lack of information that you refuse to fill in the holes in your knowledge, then you’re just a lost cause and that, I’m afraid, describes a large majority of active religious believers in the world today.  Not only do they not know anything about the real world, they don’t want to know.  They’d rather remain clueless than find out the actual truth that may disagree with their heartfelt religious beliefs.  To anyone reading, if that describes you, then you need some serious help, you have abrogated your responsibility to be a critical thinking,  rational and intellectual human being.  It isn’t something to be proud of.  It’s something to hang your head in shame over.

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