Horror Show Sunday: Conversion Beatings

Margurite Dawn HaraganThere is a difference between conversion and beating, you know?  In Idaho, a Christian woman beat a Jewish acquaintance in a bizarre attempt to force her to convert to Christianity.  Margurite Dawn Haragan, 58, was charged with two counts of malicious harassment for the attack, in which she stomped on the woman’s neck, an attack that the police have labeled a hate crime.

According to Ada County Prosecutor Dave Rothcheck, “The defendant (Haragan) was banging on the front window yelling at her that she better believe in Jesus and she was not going to leave until she did believe in Jesus.”  When the victim, identified only as A.G., opened the door to tell Harragan to leave and to write down her license plate,”the defendant began kicking the victim in the stomach and thigh area. During this time the defendant was screaming at the victim that she better accept Jesus or she would not let up.”  Prosecutors say that Haragan stepped on the woman’s neck while pulling upwards on her hair and wouldn’t stop until A.G. promised to become a Christian.  Haragan left, but two days later, returned to A.G.’s home and carved “death bin bond” into her mailbox and cut up her mail.  Haragan was arrested on two felony charges, each carrying up to five years in prison.

But the thing is, Haragan has no idea what she did wrong.  She refuses to acknowledge the charges or accept a public defender or hire her own attorney.  The court appointed one for her anyhow.

News flash for you, Margurite, you cannot beat Jesus INTO someone.  It doesn’t work that way.  Now sure, Haragan is out of her mind, she thinks she’s a cop, even though there’s no evidence at all that she’s ever worked for any police department, anywhere.  However, being crazy doesn’t stop religion from destroying what little mind you have.  It just gives  your insanity form and direction.  Delusional thinking is delusional thinking, whether there’s something demonstrably wrong with your brain or not.  I make no distinctions on Horror Show Sunday, harm is caused by the delusional or the pathological.  It’s funny that we’d recognize this kind of behavior as insane if she was trying to beat Bigfoot into A.G., but when she talks about Jesus, everything is fine.

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