Stupid While Being Black

This is what I feel like when I read articles like this.

Things like this make me want to slam my head into a wall repeatedly and I have no idea how anyone with half a clue could possibly write something this utterly idiotic.  Oh wait, they’re liberal!  How silly of me.

Now seriously, I really don’t get why it is that so many black people make it so utterly important that they are black.  Being black is fundamentally the core of their being, apparently.  Not being human, not being American, not being male or female, but being black.  Why? What difference does it make?  And this guy, Damon Young, even makes sure that he points out all of the stereotypes so he can play right into them. Right away, he says “You drove to work, and even got there on time! (Which you’ve made a point to do this year. Because stereotypes.)”  No, not because stereotypes, because that’s what EVERYONE is expected to do!  If the only reason you’re getting to work on time is because you’re trying to break some black stereotype, you’re a lazy little shit with no work ethic.  That’s like saying the only reason you don’t go around raping, pillaging and murdering is because you’re afraid to fall into some stereotype.  No, it’s because you’re supposed to be a decent, moral person!  Is this guy an idiot?  Don’t answer just yet.

But then, the horror, some idiot you knew in high school sends you something hashtagged #blacklivesmatter and you just lose your shit.  Why?  Well, if you’re a decent person, you think #blacklivesmatter is really idiotic because all lives matter, regardless of skin color, but no, a lot of people on the left have now been indoctrinated to think that there is some difference between black lives and all other lives.  But hey, because you are not being catered to, that just ruins your day and now, you just need to be given a paid day off work because… you’re a fucking idiot.

Seriously, what in the hell is wrong with these people?  Oh no, things don’t go your way so you’re now entitled, and yes, these people think they are entitled, to get special treatment because life isn’t perfect.  Too bad, so sad, fuck you, get over it. Honestly, what has happened in these people’s lives that race politics has now become the defining factor in their lives, the entire point and purpose of their existence, that they cannot imagine themselves separate from the color of their skin?  Welcome to modern day liberalism!  And if some white person makes you mad while you’re wallowing in your identity political funk, you just might go postal on their ass and that certainly won’t be your fault, will it?  Except it is.

These people are just out of their fricking gourds.  They have no grasp on reality, but liberalism doesn’t make you want to accept reality as it is, it wants people to be victims, abused by the very existence of anyone who is different, because they can only see the world through the lens of race or gender or sexual identity.  You are not an individual.  You are a skin color. You are defined by what’s between your legs.  You are defined by where you put what’s between your legs.  Nothing else matters and just acting like a decent human being, for the sake of being a decent human being, that’s antithetical to your cause.  Why, if you actually had to act like everyone around you, if everyone was held to a common standard, you might not be able to be constantly angry at the world!  What would happen to you then?

In a world of liberal professional victims and constant rage, this is what the world has come to.  People seething just under the surface, ready to lash out because they think everyone is out to get them.  This is why Michael Brown has been a martyr for these people.  He attacked a cop.  He got shot. But apparently, to these black-lives-only activists, the people who think that blacks deserve to strike back at authority, Brown deserved to get in his licks and get nothing in return.  He got what he deserved.  A bullet.  You don’t attack the authorities, I don’t care what color  your skin is.

Now shut the fuck up and get back to work.

4 thoughts on “Stupid While Being Black

  1. What amazing courage you have shown here, posting these poorly informed, insulting, demeaning, bigoted remarks about another person in this safe, somewhat isolated, echo-chamber space, out of view of the person whom you are criticizing. I can only imagine the level of bravery it took on your part to refrain from making these remarks on the blogsite of the person whose blog post you are criticizing. What an admirable amount of fearlessness you display in making these remarks in a place probably unknown to the target of your rant and therefore unlikely to be afforded the opportunity to defend themselves and call you out for your innanity. No doubt you are exceptionally proud of yourself for the exceptional boldness you have displayed here in not confronting the person at whom you have directed such great amounts of distain and contempt, but rather called upon that great reserve of moxie you have and hidden your criticisms in the shadows of this corner of the internet visited largely by friendly and sympathetic voices. Give yourself pat on the back.

  2. I get the need to have social order or a contract but I'm a bit concerned about the ultra-pro authority stance you seem to take. What about nations, where legally derived power is abusive to the people they hold that power over? Where it simply does not treat every human as equal under the law?

    History has numerous examples where acts of injustices are simply scoffed off as disrespect of authority which does not end well for the victims of such persecution in those countries in the past and present around the world.

    I am not really sure how I feel or think about the MB case. I am also not sure where I stand on police having firearms, although I am okay with citizens having them so long as they are not going to harm innocent people, which can be a difficult thing to tell nowadays.

    1. Ultimately, political power is in the hands of the people. They allow others to rise up and take power over them. If they don't like it, they can revolt against oppressive regimes. It might not be easy, it might require sacrifice and bloodshed but that's how societies the world over operate. If you ignore your responsibility to take control of your government, either you have abrogated your responsibility or your views are not shared by a majority of the people.

      And I'm sorry, but there are plenty of cultures out there where every human is not equal under the law. We have this serious problem in the west where we think that our way is the only acceptable way, that our laws ought to represent everyone, everywhere, but that's a ridiculous philosophy. Again, it comes down to the people taking back their nation, forcing the government to comply with the will of the people. If it isn't important enough to fight over and potentially die over, then they just don't care that much.

  3. You didn't even get to the main point of the article, which was that corporations should have to give black people five paid days off just for being black. Which would make black people five days' wages more expensive to hire than other people, thus making it harder for black people to get jobs. Way to think things through "verysmartbrothas"

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