Following Your Dream

Follow Your Dream… Right Off a Cliff

This really isn’t anything spectacular, but I have watched the ever-growing adventures of someone over on a forum I read, someone who clearly has never learned a damn thing about common sense in her life and continues to make every mistake possible and seems utterly clueless why things keep going wrong.  I’m posting this here because I know that if I said any of it directly to her, she’d lose her shit because she just isn’t acting rationally and I see no good reason to stir the pot.

Anyhow, this woman lived her entire life working in some job in construction, living in Michigan.  After she retired, she and her husband sold their house, and there was a whole long list of problems there that she made sure she told everyone about, everything from her realtor “screwing her over” because she had entirely unrealistic expectations of the process, to the city screwing her over, because she was expected to follow the law, to potential buyers trying to screw her over because home inspections showed that her house was not up to code, etc.  Every day there was a story about how unfair the world is and how all of this was interfering with her “dream”.

So what is her “dream”?  She always wanted to move to Florida, buy a house on the water and spend the rest of her life sailing around without a care in the world.  As dreams go, it isn’t one that I’d adopt, but I think it’s admirable if that’s really what you’re into.  So she finally, after lots of whining and crying, sells her house and she and her husband pack it all up and head off to Florida, only to find that nothing in Florida is as her dreams predicted.  She was so completely buried in her dream that she never bothered to see if the reality matched up.

So they get there, magically thinking there will be the perfect house waiting for them.  It isn’t.  They put all of their belongings in storage, move into a hotel and start looking for a house they can afford.  They can’t find one.  Every house they find has a problem that she insists on telling everyone about.  Too small.  Not close enough to the water.  Nothing fits her dream.  Finally they find a house, right on a canal, built in the early 60s and she thinks it’s perfect, right until she learns that local law requires that if the house ever suffers more than 50% damage, local codes require her to bring the entire rebuilt house up to code and nothing in that section remotely qualifies.  For one thing, the water has risen and now all houses are below minimum elevation required by code.  And oh no, she’s now in Florida, where they have storms and hurricanes and her house just might get damaged, whatever will she do?  Seriously?  You never bothered to check any of the laws, any of the codes, even the climate and weather in the place you were “dreaming” about?  Are you that stupid?  Never mind that the house has been sitting there for more than 50 years and hasn’t gotten washed away by a storm, her dreams are over.  Boo hoo!   Boo hoo!  And she can’t afford the $6500 a year for flood insurance!  Her dreams are dashed!

Well stupid, why didn’t you consider any of this while you had a nice house back in Michigan?  You would have saved yourself all of the time and money and effort of selling your house, moving everything you owned down the coast and finding out that you hadn’t done any research at all, had no idea what to expect, had nothing lined up, you were just following your “dream”! And now, she wants everyone to fall all over themselves feeling sorry for her because she is a complete and total idiot.  Why? She has  done all of this to herself!  And people warned her!  People told her when she first started talking about selling her house, that she had to get all of her ducks in a row.  I don’t think anyone realized just how stupid she really was in any of this. She’s spending all of her time whining about how she has to be able to salvage this because it’s her “dream”.

Sorry, she has an impossible and, at this point, irrational dream.  She needs to deal with this undeniable fact.  She should have planned better.  She should have prepared better.  She should have actually had some clue what she was getting into.  She did not.  Now she’s stuck in a hotel in Florida crying and I can’t say I’m at all sorry for her because she did it to herself.

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