Horror Show Sunday: Vatican Perverts

Jozef Wesolowski, likes young boys

It’s not just Catholic Churches around the world that are having problems with priestly sex abuse, we’re now hearing how there are a couple of cases that have cropped up from within the Vatican itself.  The general prosecutor in charge of the Holy See has revealed that two cases were found in just the last  year alone, making me wonder if there’s anywhere within Catholicism that is actually safe from pedophile priests.

Gian Piero Milano, the Vatican’s chief prosecutor, refused to name names but that didn’t stop spokesman Federico Lombardi from identifying Josef Wesolowski, a former ambassador, as one of the people being accused.  Wesolowski, former envoy to the Dominican Republic, was stripped of his diplomatic immunity and recalled to the Vatican after it was revealed that he was diddling young boys.  Wesolowski, a former Polish archbishop, is awaiting the very first sex abuse trial staged by the Vatican itself and is being charged with both sex abuse and possession of child pornography.  If found guilty, he could be subject to 6-10 years in Vatican prison.  The identity of the second pervert is currently unknown but I’m sure this is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The Vatican has had plenty of other problems lately as well, including drug trafficking and money laundering, I guess just wearing a funny hat and a dress doesn’t make you immune to being a criminal.  While it is true that Pope Francis has taken a much more hands-on approach with pedophile priests in recent months, mostly, I suspect, because the church is hemorrhaging money, he also says he suspects there are more than 8000 pedophile priests, about 2% of the total of existing priests, currently working in the Catholic Church worldwide and they have yet to be ferreted out.  It’s unknown exactly how much money the Church has lost worldwide, in the U.S., the number is over $3 billion alone, but with the dropping number of faithful throwing money in the collection plate every week, they have to stem to tide somehow.  I just wish they were doing more because they cared about the children being harmed.  That’s why they spend so much time on Horror Show Sunday.


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