That Old Time Libertarian Religion

Social ContractIf there’s anything that doing a YouTube channel has taught me, it’s that libertarians are crazy.  In every comment I get from them, it becomes harder and harder to tell the difference between them and fundamentalist Christians.  There is nothing but blind faith and empty assertions in their ideas and when you point that out, they just double down on the stupidity.

In that, there’s really no difference between the ideas of the libertarian and the ideas of the religious, or, let’s be honest, the ideas of the conspiracy theorist.  You only have to look at the comments on videos like this one or this one to see how clear that is. There really is no fundamental difference between libertarianism and creationism, you have people who are denying demonstrable reality in favor of their daft desires to live in a world that doesn’t happen to be the one they actually live in.  No amount of evidence matters.  If it goes against their religious beliefs or political ideologies, it has to be wrong.

So much of this comes down to dealing with the reality of the social contract.  I recently had someone state that the social contract doesn’t exist, which demonstrably does, but he just doesn’t like the idea, so it magically poofs away in a cloud of irrationality.  He suggests that it’s like saying that because a woman chooses to go eat dinner with a man, she agrees to be raped by him.  Okay, let’s ignore the fact that nobody can, by definition, agree to be raped.  If you agree, it isn’t rape.  How he didn’t realize that one is beyond me.  But still, the use of rape is just an emotional tool, pretty much nobody but rapists actually like rape, therefore you’ve got an automatic negative emotional reaction to the proposition which then gets transferred to the idea that you’re comparing it to.  This is old, dishonest and very common, but anyone with half a clue sees right through it.

Therefore, let’s not talk about rape.  Say you go out to eat at a restaurant.  You are obligated to pay for the food that you consume.  If you don’t, if you try to walk out without paying, you are stopped, the police are called, you are handcuffed and put in the back of a police car, taken to jail, etc.  You don’t get to say “but I didn’t agree to pay!”  Sure you did.  It’s inherent in the transaction.  You have agreed, by your participation in the transaction, to carry your end of the bargain, whether you like it or not.  If you don’t like it, by all means, don’t take part in the transaction.  Don’t go to the restaurant.  Don’t eat the food. Whining that you’re hungry but don’t want to pay for it has no impact on this reality.

The same is true of the social contract.  It has existed in every single society in the history of mankind and always will.  If there are laws, if there are rules and regulations, there is a social contract because people are expected and in fact obligated to follow the laws of the land or face penalties for failing to do so.  That’s what the social contract is.  It is the inherent expectation that people within a society are going to follow the rules set up by that society or face the consequences for not doing so.  There is no way to opt out and you never have to opt in.  You agree to it as a consequence of being part of that society.  The only way out of it is to physically get up and bodily leave the society and find another that you find more acceptable, assuming they’re willing to take you in.  Or you can go find an unclaimed island somewhere and set up your own society, define your own rules and laws and then, you’ll be holding everyone who lives there accountable to your own social contract.  I’m sure the crazy libertarian’s brains will implode at the thought.  Even if there was a libertarian society where the concept of “no force” was in place, that “no force” would be part of the social contract!  Too bad these political wingnuts have no rational thought processes or they’d know that.

It really is no wonder that nobody takes libertarians seriously, except for other libertarians, just like nobody takes the religious seriously, except for other members of their cult.  No one should, these people are completely irrational in their ideas and completely unable to step back and see just how irrational they really are.  As such, ignoring them and/or pointing and laughing seems to be the only worthwhile responses to their insanity.  Since I spend so much time pointing out the idiocy of religion, I have no problem expanding that to crazed political ideologies as well.

2 thoughts on “That Old Time Libertarian Religion”

  1. While I think you make a reasonable case for your view of what you call "libertarian religion", may I propose to you that there is at least one other way of using that term? E.g., the one found via I would love your unfettered thoughts and even your suggestions. But I must tell you that I do not as yet well understand your inclinations toward what you refer to as conservatism versus your apparent antipathy per libertarianism. Otoh, as I am old old man, I admit to more and more being at times rather dense. 🙁

    1. Well, I'm not going to have anything good to say about anything that's religious at all so you're barking up the wrong tree right there. The reason that I am against at least some libertarians is specifically because they do operate on what is virtually identical to religious faith, unjustified and unsupported ideas, taken entirely on faith, not open to challenge and held for entirely practical, not rational reasons. They desperately want things to be true so they insist that they are, without bothering to actually demonstrate it is so. Until they can do better, I will continue to call it a religion because it looks like nothing else.

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