Horror Show Sunday: Faith Kills Another One

maria-and-sean-hosannahSince we’re talking about faith healing, why not cover yet another case of religious parents failing to provide the necessities of life and thus, killing their daughter?  In Toronto, Canada, Sean and Maria Hosannah were found guilty of killing their 2-year-old daughter, Matinah.  The child was rushed to the Brampton Civic Hospital after she was found to be severely malnourished and was pronounced dead. An autopsy found that she died from complications of asthma and malnutrition. She had a rare case of rickets blamed on a lack of Vitamin D, which had also caused two broken bones. Matinah had not seen a doctor in well over a year and had never received any vaccinations.

Maria Hosannah said her family refuses vaccinations for religious reasons, she said, telling police she had converted to Islam from Roman Catholicism.  She also said that the family practices a strict vegetarian diet that includes oats, brown rice, lentils and navy beans.  As I’ve said many times in the past about these cases, young children simply cannot survive on a vegetarian diet, this leads to malnutrition and death, as it did in this case.

Superior Court Justice John Sproat, in ruling on the case, says that he found no evidence that the Hosannah’s intentionally tried to harm their daughter, they simply didn’t know any better, but criticized them for failing to seek medical treatment when Matinah began to miss developmental benchmarks.  The court, which could have put them away for the rest of their lives, gave the couple two years in prison, plus an additional three years of probation.  Because Maria was pregnant, again, the courts gave her two years because the federal prison system had better child care facilities than a local jail might if she got less time.  Sean was ordered, following his sentence, to take child care and nutrition classes before being allowed to resume care of the couple’s two other existing children.

People need to get over their ridiculous religious beliefs, especially when it comes to their children.  This is hardly the first case I’ve covered where religious beliefs caused people to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle and thus, injure their offspring.  What more can you expect from Horror Show Sunday?

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