There Are Days When I Hate Humanity

MisanthropySee, I’m a  fixer.  I look for problems, I look for inefficiencies, I look for issues and I find solutions.  My goal is to produce the best possible outcome in any given situation and to be persuasive enough to get others to accept my ideas and implement them.  In fact, that is the essential job of every single person in middle and upper management.  The more effective and efficient their operation is, the more profitable it is, the more it grows, the more if succeeds and it’s a never-ending job.  However, humanity doesn’t work that way.

Humanity, in large part, is lazy.  They want the maximum outcome with the minimum effort.  They don’t want to work their way up the ladder, they want to start at the top and when they fail because they didn’t learn the lessons they were supposed to learn on the way up, they point fingers at everyone around them, taking no blame for themselves.  This is especially true of the past 50-60 years in the western world where people are no longer allowed to starve in the streets, where everyone has a level of comfort that people in the third world could only dream about, and now, spared from dying of malnutrition and easily-curable disease, they just have their hands out wanting more and more and more.

What people forget, or maybe they don’t understand at all, is that conservatism is what got them where they are.  Successful societies are built on conservatism.  Liberalism doesn’t come along until after the society is successful, then you get the social leeches and the no-brain “progressives” who are only there because someone built the foundation for them to stand on and pretend that conservatives are evil incarnate because they expect people to get off their asses and work.

Yet that’s exactly what I run into day after day, the idiot liberals who demand that the wealthy hand over their money to the poor because “they don’t need it”.  Of course, it’s rarely wealthy liberals doing that.  The Internet whiners aren’t the ones writing fat checks to the poor, in fact, they’ve got their own hands out, wanting more, even if they are better off than those in poverty, they aren’t volunteering what they have to help the less fortunate, they’re always volunteering someone else’s money. Give! Give! Give! What?  Me?  No, of course not me, I meant you!  Oh, you want me to go work for the poor, volunteer in a soup kitchen, go build houses with Habitat for Humanity?  Sorry, I’m too busy bitching on the Internet!  Many radical left liberals are a pox on the ass of humanity.

Isn’t it time we got some social Preparation H and got rid of them?

7 thoughts on “There Are Days When I Hate Humanity”

  1. I have a theory about this actually, although I very much doubt it will find social acceptance or scientific acceptance as it is essentially un-testable.

    I think humans are cheating evolution as we are living longer and this includes the weak and strong, as such undesirable qualities are growing in society. Obviously I need some clarifiers here, and that is to say I do not think altruism is bad. However, the reality is that we are driving ourselves into a place that goes counter to evolution and it cannot be good (i.e. plastic surgery and growth hormones lead to people breeding that potentially would not as they would not appeal to each other.)

    My recent post Reading the Bible – Genesis 9-10

    1. I don't really think altruism exists at all, we get something out of all of our actions, even if it's just a good feeling, therefore, the idea of altruism, that you do things that you get absolutely nothing at all out of, is really ridiculous.

        1. True, but there are plenty of people who think that altruism, the idea that you get absolutely nothing whatsoever back from helping people, exists. We have brain chemicals that give us a happy feeling when we do things that are good for others, that is a reward whether people like it or not.

      1. I don't think you actually understand altruism as it is used in evolutionary theory. Altruism is not defined or described in evolutionary terms as the idea that "you do things that you get absolutely noting at all out of…" What you have described here is philosophical altruism, not biological altruism.

  2. "What people forget, or maybe they don’t understand at all, is that conservatism is what got them where they are. Successful societies are built on conservatism."

    It isn't enought to simply claim this to be true. You actually have to provide an evidence-based case. What you have offered here is far from accomplishing this task.

  3. "Oh, you want me to go work for the poor, volunteer in a soup kitchen, go build houses with Habitat for Humanity? Sorry, I’m too busy bitching on the Internet! "

    Um, I think that if you were to actually research it you would find that it is mostly liberals who give time to work in soup kitchens, build houses for Habitat for Humanity, etc.

    Incidentlly, since you see fit to bitch about liberals not doing these things, it is only fair to ask whether you are spending time in soup kitchens, building homes for Habitat for Humanity or doing any of the actual charity work, beyond simply donating money, to assist those in need of help.

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