I Hate Leftist Religion Coddlers

Stop Being StupidIf there’s one thing that pisses me off, more than all of the absurd religious apologists, more than all of the demonstrable harm that religion does, it’s the non-religious, almost entirely-leftist assholes who don’t want anyone to dare criticize the religious because it just might hurt their feelings.

Fuck those people.

These are the same people, almost always atheists, who scream how nobody can ever criticize the beliefs of Muslims because somehow, it’s racist.  I debunked that one before, but it still bugs me.  So anyhow, this self-described liberal atheist assrag, well, maybe not the last word, but the rest, starts whining that all of us evil atheists ought to just stop saying anything bad about religion because religion makes people feel good and therefore, should be beyond criticism.

And so begins the liberal shuffle, where he trots out a whole host of really idiotic claims that are easily debunked but he just doesn’t care, because… feelings.  Oh, religion doesn’t hurt anyone!  Sure, tell that to all of the dead kids whose parents chose to pray rather than seek credible medical treatment.  Tell that to all of the people blown up by Muslim suicide bombers and to the people thrown off rooftops because they were gay.  Tell that to all of the kids molested by Catholic priests while the church desperately tries to avoid any responsibility for their crimes, or for turning over known pedophiles to authorities, or for paying off court-mandated legal settlements.  Tell that to gays who have, until very recently, been denied legal equality on religious grounds.  Tell that to the Jews, who were experimented on and murdered by the Nazis for religious reasons.  Tell that to the followers of Jim Jones, the Order of the Solar Temple, Heaven’s Gate, the Branch Davidians, the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God and many more.  Tell all of these people that religion doesn’t hurt anyone.  Heck, the Religious Horror Show is a weekly reminder just how ridiculous this statement actually is.

Then he says that the religious books don’t hurt anyone.  I guess he’s never read one.  The Bible and Qu’ran openly advocate slavery, murder, rape, genocide and a whole host of other horrors.  However, as he points out, most people pay no attention to those things, but it isn’t  because they have somehow been thrown out of the official doctrine, its only because modern secular society has made it unacceptable to do so.  It wasn’t that long ago that religion was the biggest supporter of slavery, racism, sexism and all manner of other hatred that simply cannot be justified any other way.  All of this comes straight from the holy books which are the only real support for these religious traditions.

Then he leaps to the last bastion of the pathetic, the idea that because we can’t stop them from believing, we shouldn’t mention it at all.  After all, what are we going to do, go out and genocide the religious worldwide?  Funny how that last part is always a major leap of irrationality among the lefty libs.  It’s a strawman and a ridiculous one at that, but logic, it isn’t part of their regimen, I’m afraid.  Of course we’re not going to kill them.  That’s the religious shtick, one that has  been practiced throughout history by believers around the world.  No, we freethinkers are happy just pointing out the utter and pathetic failures of religious belief and doctrine and it’s working quite well.  People are flooding out of the churches at an ever-increasing rate as education and science increase their presence in the modern world.  In another couple of decades, the religious should be a minority in society and in a century or two, it should be nearly gone entirely and thank goodness for that.  We don’t have to throw the religious into the ovens, that’s something that the religious are known for doing.

So please, tell me what it is about the left that makes them pull this obnoxious shit?  I know it’s emotional overload, they only care how things feel, not if they make sense, which kind of explains the majority of liberal talking points and political ideologies.  You people need to stop being so hyper-emotional and grow the fuck up and learn to think more than you feel. It’s no wonder you’ve screwed this planet up so badly, maybe moreso than the religions that you’re desperate to protect.

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