Horror Show Sunday: Keyboards are Anti-Islam

ISIS destroys keyboards
Musical instruments given the death penalty by the Islamic State.

We keep coming across more and more absurd religious stories out of the Middle East, where people are beaten, abused and executed for what seems like the most ridiculous reasons imaginable, to the point where we have to ask ourselves if we’re being Poe’d or not.

Unfortunately, we’re not.  Our friends in the Islamic State have been at it again. In Bujaq, a few miles to the east of Aleppo in Syria, IS fighters have beaten with sticks because the electric keyboard they were playing is “anti-Islamic” and produces music that is “offensive to Muslims“.  According to sources at the scene, the unnamed men were given 90 lashes to their backs and legs and their instruments were destroyed under Islamic law.

Another case has piles of drums being burned in the city of Derna because the local Islamic police have determined that drum playing doesn’t jibe with Islamic belief and tradition.

Seriously, this is what ISIS spends their time doing?  Chasing people around who breed pigeons, play keyboards and smoke cigarettes?  They’re getting their asses kicked quite regularly by western bombing raids, you’d think they’d find something more productive to do with their free time than harass street musicians.  Even though I know they’re serious, I probably wouldn’t be at all surprised to find a bunch of IS fighters running down an alley giggling like schoolgirls after their latest wacky adventure. It’s really hard to take any of this seriously, people in the west look at the latest religious stupidity coming out of the Middle East and shake their heads but it’s all real and people suffer beatings, mutilations and death for engaging in such seemingly innocent behavior.  I’m sure these musicians weren’t trying to insult Islam, I’m sure they had no idea that kind of hell that was coming their way when the self-righteous IS fighters came out to play.  That seems to be a problem with a lot of this, are these actually well-defined and well-known crimes under Islam, or are a bunch of religious animals simply seeing something happen on the street that they don’t like and deciding, entirely on their own, that it must be against Islam?  I’d really like an answer to that.  Maybe that’s why it belongs on Horror Show Sunday.

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