Don’t Put Your Social Eggs…

eggs_basket_640I hear a lot of people being sympathetic toward the religious when it turns out they do something “wrong” and all of a sudden, their only social circle shuns them and they have nowhere else to turn.  This seems to be most common when a former theist realizes that they’ve been wrong all along about their religious beliefs and most of their friends and family all hold the same fanatical beliefs and will be really upset to find out that now, you’re an apostate and a spawn of Satan.

That’s a good reason not to put all of your social eggs in one basket.  I remember back when I was religious, I had lots of friends outside of my religious circle.  Some of my best friends were not part of my church.  My girlfriend didn’t go to my church.  None of them, even though they were mostly religious, went to my religious school.  I never thought about it in this light back then, I suppose that I was lucky that I had a wide array of friends with a large number of interests, such that if I ever decided to walk away from an interest, like religion, I wouldn’t find myself totally alone.

This doesn’t just work for religion and is something that I think more people ought to recognize and practice, whether they are planning on leaving one of their interests or not.  Don’t have one interest above all overs.  Don’t make friends from one source and not others.  Get to know a lot of people with a lot of interests and you’ll never have to worry about losing your entire social circle in one fell swoop.  All of my friends are not sci-fi fans, all of them don’t read a particular kind of book or watch a particular kind of movies.  All of my friends are not liberal atheists, in fact, while the vast majority are atheists, liberals… not so much.  They’re not all woodworkers, etc.  Granted, none of these things practice shunning and I have a lot in common with individual friends than just one single interest, but even if someone did decide to walk away from a relationship for some reason, I have lots of other friends to turn to.

It was probably just luck on my part but it is something to think about, no matter how safe and secure you feel right now, you never know and unless you want your entire life and social structure to fall apart because something happens down the line, maybe you should look into diversifying your views and your relationships.  Trust me, it works.  Don’t be a victim of putting all of your social eggs in one basket, it just isn’t worth it.

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