Horror Show Sunday: Can You Fly?


The kind of pointless, horrific things that we see the Islamic State doing is just absurd, they seem to take pleasure in causing pain and shocking the world.  A gay man was thrown from the top of a tall building in Mosul by ISIS fighters in front of a large cheering crowd.  There is video of a man, his face covered with a balaclava, reading off the charges from Sharia law.  According to the captions, the punishment for engaging in sodomy is to be “thrown from a high place” and that’s exactly what they did.  There are further pictures of the crowd gathering around the man’s dead body, a crowd that was mostly made up of men, but also included women and children.

But this isn’t just a one-time thing done for publicity, they repeated the same act in early March when three men wearing black balaclavas pushed a gay man off the top of a  building in Raqqa.  I had to dig this story out when the new one broke, just so I could add to the horror.  After the man is executed, we see scenes of men with rocks, who then stone the corpse.  According to a gay rights activist, Nour, “It’s too much to watch, and people are just standing there in these images and watching, and they are not doing anything, and their facial expressions are really scary because they are not even scared of what is going on. They might be a little bit excited or maybe happy to get rid of homosexuals in the city.

We now know of at least half a dozen gay men who have been murdered in this fashion in the last several months and the situation doesn’t appear to be getting any better in the LGBT community.  While IS is most often responsible for the murders, the moderate Muslim nations of the Middle East are not helping a bit, in fact, most have laws criminalizing gay sex, punishable by prison sentences.  Turkey, one of the few without such primitive laws, has become a favorite hiding place for those penalized for being gay, yet recently, even Turkey has started to pursue a less secular path.

It is awful to see the kind of barbaric things that human beings will resort to under the control of religion.  There is no conceivable secular position which can possibly cause these kind of atrocities, it is religious beliefs to blame and there simply is no denying it.  This is a perfect story for Horror Show Sunday and an excellent example of why radical religion needs to be stopped.

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  1. You know what the sad part is? These kind of atrocities have become so commonplace (like ISIS' attacks on cultural heritage sites) that people have started becoming desensitized to them. And one cannot help but wonder when the international community will get its act together. Do they need to occupy a major oil producing facility first? And the geopolitical climate in the Middle East is such a mess. For instance, the Kurds tried to fight them off and Turkey capitalized on their diverted attention to hit them while they were occupied with ISIS (possibly fearing the establishment of a de facto Kurdistan in Iran).
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    1. Worse than that though, we have this really ridiculous liberal idea that daring to speak out against Muslim violence is somehow racist when it's nothing of the sort. You get people who do everything they can to justify the non-religious nature of Muslim atrocities, thus giving these people an out. Clearly these actions are caused by their religious beliefs but religion is such a touchy subject, nobody will acknowledge it. Muslim rape gangs roam through much of Europe but the Muslims demand that nobody can be tried in anything but Sharia courts and Europe is largely giving in. Nobody wants to put boots on the ground in the Middle East and it's clear that so many of the nations there are in bed with ISIS, giving money, aid and comfort to the enemy and we're not doing a thing about it because these nations are our "friends". All of this happens because we're willing to pussyfoot around religion and not offend anyone. These people ought to be offended, they ought to be offended by the things that they believe are true. That's why we have this massive mess, we have no guts.

      1. Cephus, I honestly don't know where this thing will lead us.

        On the one hand you have the far left giving in to Muslim demands for exceptionalism, on the other hand this creates a backlash and a rise of the far right and all voices in the middle get drowned in a sea of shouts and insults. And it really pains me to say it, being an atheist, that this environement not only isn't a fertile ground for logic and reason (far from it), but that at some point we may have to be thankful for a backlash from the christian majorities in european countries. You can only push against a group of people so far till they reach a breaking point (and I'm focusing on Europe, because US Christian fundamentalists are, as we say in Greece, crying without having been beat up). It would be ideal if the opposition to muslim fundamentalism came from within Islam itself, but so far I'm not seeing it.

        It's simple logic really. If the far left won't react to muslim fundamentalism (and it appears unwilling to do so, despite being traditionally anti-religion) and if the skeptic communities are too small or too left-leaning to offer any appreciable resistance, then it's a no brainer who will have to step up to the challenge. I am dismayed by the rise of the far right in Europe and the regalvanization of nationalists, but at this point it seems like a historical inevitability.

        As for your concerns about Turkey, I wouldn't worry too much. Erdogan is not dedicated to the kemalic ideal of a secular state, that's for sure, but even he is not a moron. At the very worst, he might let ISIS invade eastern Turkey so they solve Turkey's kurdish problem for him, before pushing them back; but I'm guessing that that would be about it. If you have a reader from Turkey, I'd love to hear his perspective on this.
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        1. But as iamanatheist said, you just never see the moderates disagreeing with the religious beliefs of the crazies, they just make excuses and wave their hands because, in reality, they don't want to be seen to be critical of anyone wearing the same religious label. Unfortunately for Europe, or at least many places in Europe, they fall for the multicultural nonsense and just opened their arms to any Muslims who wanted to cross their borders (yes, that has to do with the horrible way the EU was set up) and now they are suffering from the fundamentalist Muslims who don't want to be part of their cultures, they want to be a separate entity within many European countries, following their own rules and laws and cultures. It's funny how many countries that are supposed to be allies of the U.S. are actually the biggest problem when it comes to funding terrorist states and ISIS in particular. But no, do we ever do anything about it? Of course not!

  2. Islam is a pest and really that is all that can be said. You never see the so called moderate Muslims speaking up, or they speak up with such thick and heavy apologetics that they are not condemning but accepting of the actions by so called fundamentalist Muslims. Its really is just shocking, and the only way for it to stop is education which they oppose so we are really stuck between a rock and a hard place.
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    1. But the same thing happens whenever you get radical Christians going hog wild, the moderates never stand up and say that they're wrong, they just distance themselves and say "we don't believe that". I'm sure the same thing happens for moderate Buddhists regarding the murderous groups running around Myanmar murdering Muslims. They can never actually admit that their religion, even something they don't personally believe, is factually wrong.

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