The Religious Whine Game

Damascus-Saydnaya-Syria-Iraqi-refugees-Christian-Mosul-boy-cryingHere’s another one I’m sick to death of.  When did the religious lose their backbone and decide that whining was the tool to get their way?  People who now sit and pout and complain that doing their jobs somehow contradicts their deeply held religious beliefs, yet they still want to keep getting paid for doing a job they don’t want to do.  What the hell?

This kind of “you’re violating my religious freedom!” only came back into vogue following the awful Supreme Court decision with Hobby Lobby, now people think that they can declare anything they want to be part of their deeply held religious convictions and therefore, they get to break the law with impunity because their religion comes first.  That is an insanely disastrous ideology that spells death to our democratic way of doing things in the United States, but as I’ve taken to saying far too often lately, they just don’t care.

But let’s be honest, the religious right doesn’t really think this way, they want religious freedom for themselves, but not for anyone else.  If there were Muslims out there who decided that their religious convictions prohibit them from serving Christians, the Christians would be out in force screaming discrimination.  If there were atheist bookstores that refused to stock religious books, it would be a travesty.  If liberals got to declare that they didn’t want to serve Republicans in their stores or allow them to use their services, you can be sure there would be a riot.  This isn’t about religious freedom, it’s about one small group of Christian sects trying to get back political and social power that they’ve lost.

Well guess what?  You didn’t have that power taken from you unfairly, you lost it  because you pissed people off and they got sick and tired of you and took it away.  You lost it because you deserved to lose it. You lost it because you abused your authority and made everyone else mad.  You also lost it because all of the threats you’ve been making have turned out to be empty and hollow.  God is going to punish us?  When is that coming again?  You’ve been making the same kind of nonsensical threat for hundreds of years and so far… nothing.  We’re done playing your silly game.  You lost because you’re just wrong.  Maybe it’s time that you rented a clue, everyone else has.

So please, stop whining, stop crying, just get over yourselves and deal with reality.  Your idiotic beliefs do not  get to run roughshod over the law and over everyone else, just because you’ve got something wrong with your rationality circuits. If and when you can prove what you’re saying is true, show us your evidence.  We won’t hold our breath because we know it’s a load of crap, but you’re welcome to try.  Maybe you ought to spend more time dragging your ridiculous beliefs out of the stone age and into the modern world, where magic and miracles and imaginary friends in the sky just aren’t impressive anymore.  It isn’t the world that is discriminating against you, it’s you that’s being too damn stupid for the world.  You ought to change that.

3 thoughts on “The Religious Whine Game

  1. I share your frustration with this strategy, but I think they are onto something here. They have seen how some on the left are so petrified by accusations of racism that they refuse to criticize Islam, and I suspect that they figure they might be able to exploit this weakness too. When we allowed religious belief to take shelter under the umbrella of multiculturalism alongside demographic characteristics that deserve to be there, we opened the door to this sort of nonsense. And so we now get to reap the rewards in the form of fundamentalist Christians crying persecution when they are no longer permitted to persecute others in the name of their religious beliefs.

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    1. The fact is, it's dishonest. It is trying to get something because you know that you can get away with it, not because it is a credible tactic. "We" didn't allow anything, all of that comes from the left, who decided that everyone is right, no one is wrong, and we have to make room for any and every viewpoint to be expressed in American society. And yes, we are reaping the rewards that this kind of idiotic position demands. It makes me wonder how so many people can recognize how awful the liberal left is and still self-identify that way.

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