Liberals Don’t Get Basic Economics

system-failure-720x340Over on Google+, a liberal and self-identified socialist brought up this article about having a 4-hour work day as a way to improve the world. Even though I wouldn’t think most people in the community were conservative, at least they were all critical thinkers and everyone, without exception, came down on this guy like a ton of bricks, myself included.  Why don’t these people get the most basic parts of economics?  Let’s take a look, shall we?

The basic idea here is that we should all only be working 4 hours a day but be making the same amount of money as we do for working 8 hours.  They think that will get rid of unemployment because employers can hire someone else to work those other 4 hours a day, also paying them as much as they’re currently paying an 8 hour employee.  So now companies are paying 2 people working a total of 8 hours as much as they’d be paying for 16 hours of labor and this is somehow supposed to make economic sense?  Seriously?

Oh, but everyone is now much more efficient and productive now, right?  Well, no.  It isn’t really the people that are more productive, it’s the machines that help the people who have increased productivity.  And guess what?  Those machines cost money for the company, the only reason the companies are paying for the machines is because the machines are faster and more efficient than hiring another employee.  If technology reaches the point where the machines can do the work better than the people and can do it without the help of the people, guess who is going away, and it’s not the machines.

They make the claim that technology is supposed to give us all more leisure time but that doesn’t change the reality that in order to afford leisure time activities, you still have to trade your labor for a paycheck and somehow, liberals don’t get that part. The work has to be done, the machines have to run and the people have to toil to get money to trade for products down the road.  That’s how basic economics works.  Liberals don’t get it.

The fact is, the price of goods is based, in large part, on the cost of the materials, labor and processes required to produce it. If you double the cost of labor, prices are going up.  They’ll go up all along the supply chain as each stage costs more to produce and companies will have to pass along the increased costs to their customers.  The money has to come from somewhere, that’s what liberals don’t understand, they think money grows on trees.

This isn’t the American dream, it’s the liberal fantasy.  It doesn’t work in the real world and anyone who suggests that it does really hasn’t got a clue.  So if you really want people to work half as long, they’re going to get paid half as much and therefore will have half as much to spend on goods, which will bring the corporate infrastructure tumbling down and eventually, nobody will have any work, but that’s okay because nobody will be producing anything to sell.  That’s the real world.  To think otherwise is a dream.

Too bad so many liberals refuse to wake up.

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