It Just Gets Sadder

Religious Horror Show LogoI hate looking at this and realizing just how awful it is, but I was going through and counting how many unwritten stories I currently have for the Religious Horror Show and it’s really ridiculous.  Currently, I have written stories almost through the end of the year and last I knew, I had enough stories to get through February.  Clearly, I’ve added a few since then so I counted. I have 34 stories unwritten, that means that, if I just post one a week, I have enough for 2016 through August 8.  Yes, I have enough for another entire year.

I’ve tried hard to burn off stories this year, having more week-long runs so far than ever before but they just don’t stop coming. If I did a week-long Horror Show every single month in 2016, I’d still have enough to take me through April and that’s if I didn’t get any more between now and then.

So the next time someone tells you that religion doesn’t hurt anyone, point them to the Religious Horror Show, where the stories of hundreds of people abused, beaten and killed, directly by religion, is housed.  The flood of horrors will never stop until we, as a people, decide to stop allowing delusion to rule the day.

As for me, I’m going to have to insert another couple of week-long Horror Shows, otherwise I’ll be 2 years out in very short order.

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