Horror Show Sunday: Getting Lucky

The body of Budhabai Dore was found in a shallow grave in Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

I’m not sure this is really how you get lucky, but in Take-Harsh in tribal-dominated Nashik district of  Diwali, India, 65-year old Budhabai Dore was murdered by her two sons so that they would get good luck.  The sons, Kashinath and Govind Dore, were unhappy with the condition of their lives and consulted Bachchi-bai Narayan Khadke, a 42-year old occultist.  She told them that if they wanted their luck to change, they had to sacrifice both their mother and sister.  They took their mother and sister to Take-Harsh where they beat their mother to death but their sister Rahibai Pingle managed to escape.

According to authorities, Kashinath and Govind then took their dead mother’s body to Khadke who removed her eyes, presumably to use in some magic ritual and buried the body nearby.  The murder came to light when a local social worker, Bhagwan Madhe, found the body and alerted police.  Police arrested the occultist who admitted to the crime, plus another similar ritualistic murder and this led authorities to the two brothers, who were likewise arrested and charged with murder.  This falls under the Indian Penal Code and Maharashtra Prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifice and other Inhuman, Evil and Aghori Practises and Black Magic Act.  If your country really needs an act specifically to stop human sacrifice and inhuman evil practises and black magic, something is seriously wrong.

Sanjay Mohite, the district superintendent of police, told the Times Of India, “Govind Pona Dore and his brother Kashinath had contacted with Khadke, who was suspected of practising black magic, and her assistant Bugabai Mahadu Veer of Takay Harsh village.  The suspected tantric had told the two brothers they needed to exorcise the ghosts.”

I want to make it clear, this isn’t the fault of Hinduism, even though it took place in a Hindu area of India.  The practice of human sacrifice has been taboo in Hindu culture for hundreds of years.  It is, however, still commonplace in many religious cults that practice witchcraft and black magic.

So one more murder and one attempted murder because people believe in absurd and primitive religious garbage. That’s what Horror Show Sunday is stuffed full of and one more reason to rid the world of religion.


2 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Getting Lucky”

  1. Coming from a developing country myself, we will probably see more of these stories emerging from India as time progresses and they become more developed. Its sad but true that until the general education level increases we will see death due to irrational beliefs.
    My recent post This is not an anti-GMO win

    1. That's why religion is dying in the west, education has increased to the point that more and more people realize just how stupid religion really is. India and other places throughout the Middle East and Africa still need to reach that level.

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