Horror Show Sunday: Blood Causes Pregnancy

India WitchcraftI really don’t do enough crazy witchcraft stories here, not because there aren’t tons to do, but because witchcraft usually doesn’t get a lot of traction in the western world.  You really have to go looking for crazy sorcery stories in Africa, or as in this case, India and I almost never go looking for stories, they just fall into my lap.  After all, I’m well into next year with stories as I write this, I’ll likely be half-way through by the time you read this.

Therefore, this week on Horror Show Sunday, we’re going to look at the sad tale of a 10-year old boy who was sacrificed by an Indian witchcraft practitioner who be believed that the boy’s blood could make his wife pregnant. In the village of Rooppur Kamalu, in what was originally thought to be an animal attack, the mutilated body of a 10-year old boy named Pranshu was found in a sugarcane field by his father.  The body had his ears and heels cut off and the body was drained of blood.  It was only later that the authorities discovered that one of the boy’s neighbors, a man only known as Durgesh, was actually responsible for the boy’s disappearance and murder.

Durgesh is in custody and his wife is being questioned to see if she was involved in the plot.

Of course, witchcraft isn’t well received in India, mostly those accused of practicing it are hunted down and slaughtered by the superstitious populace.  Recently, Saraswati Devi, 45, was murdered by villagers not far from the Nepal border.  A local mystic accused her of practicing black magic and the local gullible idiots took him seriously and murdered this poor woman for no good reason.   This is not at all uncommon, thousands of women are beaten or murdered because of the superstitious beliefs of poor and uneducated Indians.  It is believed that there have been over 1500 incidents and 210 deaths in the past couple of years alone.

What I find funny is how many people practicing western religions will look at this story and find those beliefs primitive.  A blood sacrifice causing pregnancy?  How absurd?  Of course, they forget that Christianity is likewise a blood religion. Christians believe, literally or figuratively, that crackers and wine become blood and flesh, it’s a metaphorical cannibalistic religion and most don’t even recognize it.  There’s religious stupidity all over the place, including right here at home.


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