2015 GOP Congressional District Census Part 3

SurveyOver the past couple of days, I’ve been looking at the most recent GOP Congressional District Census that I recently received in the mail.  Every once in a while, the Republicans send these out to a handful of people registered to the GOP, supposedly in hopes of finding out what the membership at large thinks about various and sundry issues.  In reality, I have a feeling they only cherry pick the responses that already agree with their preconceived notions and religious beliefs, anyone who doesn’t fit into that narrow section gets binned and ignored.  Since I have no false illusions that anything I say would be listened to, I usually post my answers here for public consumption.

Now we move on to the longest section, the one I looked at and realized that there was no way I could put all of these together without having a ridiculously long post. This time out, we’re looking at domestic issues and this section contains 17 questions, most of which require some pretty involved answers to make sense of. So let’s get started.

Section III – Domestic Issues

1. How confident are you that America’s economy will improve in the next year?

That all depends on what you mean.  Yes, it’s likely that the economic indicators will improve because the government cooks a lot of numbers, both under Democrat and Republican administrations, to make it look that way, regardless of the truth.  More people will be working, according to the publically released statistics, because they ignore people who aren’t receiving unemployment, either due to disinterest or having exhausted their 99 weeks.  However, the one thing that is never mentioned isn’t how the economy is doing, it’s how the government is driving the nation into an ever-increasing morass of debt and it’s both parties that are responsible.

2. Which of the following is the single most economic issue facing you and your family?

There are a couple of options like unemployment and high taxes, but to be honest, the biggest single issue that I’m concerned with is the economic future of this country for my children and their children.  Both parties are just as much to blame for this because both parties are perfectly willing to trade long term economic security for short-term political gains.  In fact, both parties are willing to do virtually anything, to throw the nation and the Constitution under the bus to get immediate political power and control.  Nobody plans for the long term anymore.

3. Do you think our Republican leaders in Congress should be aggressive in forcing the Obama White House to work with them to create jobs, cut taxes and regulations, end economic uncertainty and make America more competitive?

Now this is the first of a long series of questions in this section that are clearly and rather absurdly slanted against the Democrats.  Yes, I understand this is a Republican survey, but the way a lot of things are written shows the utter irrational hatred that they have for anything across the aisle.  You can just hear the venom drip.  Personally, I don’t think that the Republicans are all that interested in any of the things listed because they haven’t done any of them when they’ve been in control.

4. Do you favor efforts by Republicans in Congress to cut the present corporate tax rate (currently one of the highest in the world) in order to help bring more businesses back to the U.S., where they can invest their dollars in expanding their operations and creating new jobs?

Here’s where I find it really absurd.  The mass move of American jobs overseas has come more at the behest of the right wing than the left.  It’s all been about saving money for corporations.  I don’t think that you’re going to bring those jobs home by reducing corporate taxes, after all, most of these companies have not left America, they’ve just sent their jobs overseas. What’s going to need to happen is we’re going to have to pass laws requiring American companies to follow American laws regardless of what company they are doing business in.  All companies in America are going to have to follow OSHA and other safety laws, they are all going to have to follow payroll and overtime laws, etc. regardless of what nation they are working in.  That will bring the jobs back because, all other things being equal, having to import goods into the country is more expensive than just making it here.

5. Do you favor a major overhaul of the current Federal Tax Code – currently thousands of pages long – that would replace today’s burdensome tax system with one that is simpler and fairer?

If it can be made fairer, sure.  I don’t think that it would be though because nobody actually wants a fair tax, if it was fair, then all those places that the government makes lots of money off the taxpayers would be apparent.  I just want to see it lower overall.

6. How concerned are you that our federal debt – presently $18 trillion – will seriously jeopardize our nation’s economic security for future generations?

I’m more concerned about it than the Republicans are.  George Bush borrowed more than $4 trillion dollars from China. Ronald Reagan, of course, drove the debt up to absurd levels.  No one in the government has any interest in living within our means.

7.  Are race relations in America today getting better or worse?

I don’t think they’re getting worse at all, I just think that the 24 hour media cycle is purposely showing all of the bad things they can because bad things get ratings.  Those places where race relations are worse though, I’m going to blame the left because those are the idiots out there screaming with bullhorns.  I don’t see that from the Republicans.

8. The Obama White House and Democrats in Congress are aggressively pushing for a higher federal minimum wage. Do you feel that forcing employers to pay higher wages will hurt or help the economy?

It will harm the economy, every single time the minimum wage has been raised, it has harmed the economy and this will be no different.  The left doesn’t care, they know they’re just buying votes, which is all this is about in the first place.  When you’re talking about radical increases, it doesn’t just affect the lowest paid workers, it affects a huge number of workers and businesses just have to increase costs to afford it, either that or simply downsizing the workforce.  That, over time, just puts everyone back to square one.

9. Should Republicans in Congress stand firm against actions by the Obama White House to bypass Congressional votes and enact new regulations, fees and other freedom-destroying measures via unilateral Executive Orders?

Hmmm… freedom-destroying measures.  You mean like their constant moves to control abortion and birth control, etc.?  Now yes, no party should be able to bypass Congressional votes, but the Republicans don’t seem to have a problem with it when they ignore the requirements for Congress to declare war, do they?  It’s all a bunch of hypocritical nonsense.

10. With revelations of “Fast and Furious” IRS abuses, the Benghazi cover-up, and other major scandals in recent years, do you feel Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill have the right to hold government bureaucrats’ feet to the fire and demand more transparency from the Obama administration?

We did a segment on the podcast a while back about how the Obama administration is less transparent than the Bush administration, but the Bush administration was less transparent than the Clinton administration, etc.  We will never have a transparent administration again, every time these powers get used and abused, the next administration is every bit as bad, and worse, because it can be.  You won’t see anything get better unless the American voter forces it and I wouldn’t hold my breath.

11. Do you believe more federal laws that impede individuals’ Second Amendment rights are the proper response to recent gun violence in our nation?

I’m really getting sick and tired of the Second Amendment, truth be told.  I’m fine with rational gun rights.  Neither side is at all interested in rational gun rights.  That’s why the NRA specifically pushed the Supreme Court to entirely ignore the first half of the Second Amendment, you know, the part about well-regulated militias?  Just as I think that that requirement’s ship has sailed, so has the idea that there will be no regulations whatsoever.  So we need to chart some kind of middle ground between complete anarchy and a complete police state.  Neither side is willing to budge an inch.

12. Do you support Republican efforts to defer fully implementing ObamaCare and replacing it with something that will address the high cost of health care while maintaining the quality of care?

ObamaCare was a kluge in the first place, it was a bunch of compromises that really didn’t make anything better for anyone, in fact, it made things worse for anyone who was responsible before it was applied.  As such, yes, I think that we need to do something better, but the problem is, that ship has probably also already sailed because, as I’ve said in past articles, the high costs of medical care in America are really due to the insurance industry and the litigious nature of American politics.  Because people sue at the drop of a hat, doctors have to carry absurd malpractice insurance, which raises the costs for everyone. Add in padding of bills, unnecessary tests to get around potential lawsuits, all because insurance will pay for it, that costs everyone even more money.  I don’t go to the doctor much, in fact, I may not go for years on end if I don’t need to, but I still pay through the nose, far more than I’d ever pay for just going to a doctor and paying out of pocket, yet now, I am forced by law to pay for something that often, I just don’t need.  This is ridiculous.

13. Do you think one of the government’s top priorities should be to preserve the financial stability of Medicare and Social Security?

Clearly Republicans don’t or or they wouldn’t have been stealing from the Social Security coffers for decades, promising to put it back, but never ever doing so.  There’s no realistic way to fix it now.

14. Do you favor Republican efforts in Congress to better strengthen our borders and fight President Obama’s unconstitutional, unilateral decrees in writing new immigration policies?

Now while I think everything Obama wants to do with immigration is stupid and I think Obama is a fucking imbecile, I don’t really buy the Republican plans either.  Nobody has the balls to do what needs to be done and we’ve got such a track record of utter failure in this regard that I don’t think anyone will ever take us seriously again.

15. Would you support immigration reform that included securing our nation’s borders and a path to citizenship for some people living in the U.S. illegally if they would be required to learn English, go to the back of the citizenship line, have a job, pay taxes and pass a criminal background check?

Nope.  No “path to citizenship” for anyone.  If you’re here illegally for any reason, you are breaking the law, you are a criminal and you need to be chucked out on your ass, full stop.  Nobody who is here illegally even gives a damn about becoming a citizen and all the idiot liberals are willing to give them welfare, a free education, free medical care and driver’s licenses, even knowing full well they’re here illegally.  It’s all a massive clusterfuck.

16. Should the federal government open up more federal lands to energy development in order to foster America’s energy independence?

Yes, at least where there is oil to be claimed.  We also need to completely revamp our nuclear power program and dramatically increase the number of plants we have, both new plants and refurbishing our old ones.  All this battery and “clean energy” crap is fine, but not until it can actually replace current technologies without ridiculous limitations.  We are being fed this load of shit from the left that we have to learn to accept less.  No we don’t.  Do better.

17. Do you feel that actions by the Obama Administration in recent years have seriously eroded America’s individual freedoms?

What are you talking about?  The entire U.S. government has seriously eroded America’s individual freedoms no matter which party has been in power.  You’re all a bunch of assholes.  It just depends on which set of freedoms you’re talking about. Personally, I wish both parties would go the hell away… no, change that… I wish *ALL* parties would go the hell away and we’d get some actual decent people that are actually worth voting for.  I’m not holding my breath on that though.

So there’s section III and it was painful to get through.  Republicans don’t have a clue what they ought to do and they’re supremely confident that just being not-Democrats is enough.  It isn’t.  Coming next, national defense.

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