2015 GOP Congressional District Census Part 2

SurveyLast, we took a look at my political profile and saw why anything I have to say will be soundly ignored by the Republican Party in their new Congressional District Census.  They’re not interested in anything that falls outside of their little hyper-religious echo chamber and they don’t want to hear from anyone who doesn’t favor their religious platform.

However, everything isn’t all about religion, at least not as much as you might think, so now we get into specific issues of interest.  There are only three questions here, but they deserve a decent amount of consideration, therefore let’s see what turns up next on the census.

Section II – General Issues

1.  Do you think things in our country are continuing to go in the wrong direction, or do you feel things are going in the right direction?

Obviously, wrong, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t go in the entirely wrong direction under Bush too.  We’ve been on a long downhill slide since the late 60s when conservatism essentially went away in America.  The Democrats are wrong, the Republicans are wrong.  The Libertarians are wrong, the Greens are wrong.  Everyone is wrong because everyone has given up on those four important elements of true conservatism:  personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, small government and getting the government the hell out of the people’s business.

2. Please indicate the top three issues that you believe are most important to people in your area.

There are a list of options and clearly, I can’t answer for anyone in my area but myself so that’s all I’m going to say.  The three that I picked off the list, although there are many that I could easily have gone with, are:  Economy/Jobs, Federal Spending and Government Expansion.  The ones I didn’t pick are: Taxes, Social Security, Environment, Medicare/Medicaid, Race Relations, Energy, Health Care, State Spending, Education, Immigration, Cutting Federal Deficit, Foreign Policy, Protecting Traditional Values, Gun Control, Strong Military and Homeland Security.  I think that a lot of these would be taken care if by focusing on the three I picked, if we knew how to spend (or not to spend) money, then taxes, social security, Medicare, education, etc. would all stop being concerns.  If we weren’t trying to make government the single largest employment sector, a lot of the rest would go away.  There are plenty of things there that aren’t the business of the government at all.

3.  Which political party do you feel is best able to handle each of the following issues?

Here’s the big one in this section and one I’m going to entirely ignore their intent because I don’t think their intent really matters.  They give a list of topics and want you to pick whether the Republicans or the Democrats are best suited to handle the issue.  Again, we see the subtle bias, they put Republican in the first column instead of being alphabetical, they’re hoping people are just going to check off all of the first boxes.  I guess they expect laziness.  Anyhow, I don’t think either party is particularly well-suited for handling any of these problems, both have proven themselves utterly incapable of doing anything right.  So here’s the list, with a few words about each.

War on Terror – The biggest terrorists on the planet are Americans, we’ve invaded sovereign nations with no provocation and no threat to our national shores, just because we made up lies about WMDs and terrorist threats.

Economy/Jobs – Republicans are plenty responsible for sending millions of U.S. jobs overseas.  They talk a good game, I don’t think they really care.

Taxes – Democrats are much more likely to raise taxes.  Republicans are going to spend just as much money, just coming from different sources.  Pot calling the kettle black.

Health Care – Neither side is willing to take the steps to make health care actually function in America.

Gun Control/2nd Amendment – Neither side is willing to compromise here either.

Reducing Federal Deficit – Coming from the people who added $4 trillion to the deficit during the last Republican administration, I call bullshit.

Cutting Entitlement Spending – Do you include corporate welfare spending?  That’s entitlement spending too but I bet they have no problem with that.

Protecting Social Security – Republicans have gutted Social Security just as badly as the Democrats.

Foreign Policy – To be honest, it’s just a monkey in a different suit, both parties suck when it comes to foreign policy.

Environment – I find this funny, coming from religious wingnuts who think we can just rape the earth because God won’t let anything really bad happen.

Immigration Reform – Same here, the Democrats want to throw open the floodgates for millions of votes, the Republicans want to throw open the floodgates for their corporate sponsors.  Both of them suck.

Energy Expansion – The Democrats don’t want to expand energy, the Republicans want to just keep using the same old stuff we’ve been using and not pay any attention to developing new sources.  Both are awful.

Education – Republicans want to put creationism and other religious stupidity in schools, I don’t think they really care much about education.

Strong Military – I love how they say “strong military”, not just “military”.  Biased much?

Protecting Traditional Values – Come on, be honest, you only care about fundamentalist Christian “values”.  That’s what bugs me about this whole thing, they’re just not up front with their biases.

In the end, we’re screwed no matter which party is in control, both have the wrong idea for entirely different reasons.  This is the shortest section in the GOP census, next time I take a look at domestic issues.

1 thought on “2015 GOP Congressional District Census Part 2

  1. The liberals, and the conservatives Dems vs Reps are like the 2 headed Alien creature on the Simpsons no matter which head you vote for they are the same thing. The GOP lost it a long time ago when the far right religious nut jobs co-oped the Party They should have listened to Barry Goldwater who warned them what would happen. The Dems seem mired in social programs that have not worked in the past but are obligated to maintaining the allusion that they really care. Corporate welfare for the rich on one side, and social programs that keep the masses happy all draining the coffers of ancient Rome/America. The Barbarians are at the gate, and Rome/America is burning the average American plays the fiddle on they're Galaxy S6 oblivious to reality. And we will all get burned in the end. All HAIL OUR NEW Alien OVERLORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Resistance is Futile.Just ask Alex Jones.

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