Horror Show Tuesday: Renouncing Your Life

Tearing Up QuranI have unfortunately had to spend far too much time focusing on the animals in ISIS and their murderous ways, I thought it was time to take a step back and recognize that it isn’t just the crazy extremists who are engaging in religious horrors for the religion of peace, it’s governments, and in this case, one of our “friends” who is every  bit as bad as the Islamic State.

A court in Saudi Arabia has given the death penalty to a Muslim apostate who filmed himself tearing up a Qur’an, just as Saudi Arabia’s new human rights laws have gone into effect.  It was announced that the court in the town of Hafr al-Batin had handed down the death penalty to an yet unnamed man for the crime of “denouncing his faith”.  “In the video he cursed God, Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and his daughter Fatimah and ripped a copy of the Holy Qur’an and hit it with a shoe,” the Saudi Gazette quoted an official as saying. “The death sentence was issued after his apostasy was proved.”

The timing of this is certainly embarrassing to the Saudi government, it occurs as Saudi Arabia’s prince Mohammed bin Nayef was visiting England at the time where talks about Saudi Arabia’s position on Muslim extremism were scheduled to take place. Yes, let’s talk about their changing record of sectarian religious violence, just as one of their courts engages in sectarian religious violence!

Worse, some suspect that the prince, who is almost certain to become king at some point, will support a religious hardline position and do away with basic human rights that have been hard-fought for in Saudi Arabia.  Of course, this makes me continue to wonder why these religious fundamentalist asshats are our “friends”.  They’ve certainly done nothing to earn it. Like most of our so-called allies, they are simply useful to us and therefore get favorable treatment by the United States, who simply looks the other way when the atrocities come, at least until it gets too absurd to ignore.  As far as I’m concerned, we shouldn’t be “friends” with any nation that doesn’t observe basic human rights and doesn’t follow certain international laws. That would mean that countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and even Israel would get their favored nation status yanked and I think that’s a very good thing.  If these nations are animals, they have no business cozying up to the United States.

So there goes another case of Muslim compassion.  Is anyone surprised?  The record is clear, this religion of peace is about as unpeaceable as you can get, that’s what puts them on Horror Show Tuesday.


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  1. Could not agree more. The sanctions against South Africa during Apartheid and then the sanctions against Russia after the Crimea takeover show that certain behaviors will not be tolerated. It really is that governments seem to give a pass on religiously motivated stupidity.

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