Horror Show Monday: Demons Don’t Make it Better

Roy HarrigerThere seems to be a rash of these stories in recent months, where convicted pedophiles and other religious sex abusers claim that God has forgiven them, that makes it all okay.  Today, we have the case of a 71 year old pastor from New York who was convicted of molesting his own grandchildren, among others.  Pastor Roy Harriger was found guilty of molesting two of his grandchildren, although a third grandchild also alleges abuse.  Another 15 people in three states filed complaints that Harriger molested them as well, although the statute of limitations has expired in most of those cases.

But Harringer isn’t concerned, he claims that he was possessed by molestation demons and God has since forgiven him and exorcised him of his evil ways.  Well, that’s what he told his son when he was a child and he was molesting him.  Apparently, that’s not the case because now it’s become multi-generational abuse.  Harringer was convicted but the court, for reasons no one can understand, chose not to put him into custody while he appealed the ruling.  The bailbondsman, however, took an unusual step and rescinded his bail money, claiming that a potential life sentence made Harringer a flight risk.  At least someone involved has some common sense.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBi2JrB2vQY’]

This is yet another example where the church doesn’t take molestation seriously.  After he was charged with child molestation, he was bailed out of jail by the family of a county legislator and he returned to preach at his church, including having direct access to children.  Members of his congregation insist, even after his conviction, that he’s a “man of God” and shouldn’t be going to prison no matter what crimes he’s guilty of.  What the hell is wrong with these idiots?

Hopefully, the Pedo Pastor is going down for the rest of his life, maybe he and Bubba, his new cell-mate can be life-long friends in a carnal way, this guy deserves every bit of abuse that he gets.  Yeah, I know they tend to keep pedophiles out of the general population because if there’s one thing murderers and thieves hate, it’s a kiddy diddler, but here’s hoping he gets what’s coming to him.  These stories are getting absurdly common, I might have to carve out a little niche for them when they fall onto Horror Show Monday.


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  1. Blaming demons for your crimes the old ( The Devil made me do it defense) is a standard Christian FAIL ! This claim proves their is no God, or at least not one who gives a shit about them.

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