Mohammad on Busses?

muhammad_cartoon_big_fat_bookPamela Geller, the same one who put on the art show in Garland Texas that was shot up by ISIS-backed Muslim terrorists wants to see the artwork from the show gracing public busses and subway stations.  She wants to see depictions of Mohammad shown far and wide as a way of proving to the extremists that they cannot impose their religion on others.  As expected, bus and subway operators are hesitant to do so, it would open their operations to substantial risk and potential lawsuits and the left are out screaming racism and hurling insults at Geller, but I think it isn’t a terrible idea, done carefully.

The whole point of terrorism is to either force behavior or restrict behavior based on a threat of violence.  If we change our behavior specifically because of that threat of violence then in essence, the terrorists have won and I don’t think that’s acceptable.  Also, there is no such thing as sacred in a secular society, so giving the Muslims a pass to harm others because their religious beliefs are insulted while restricting other groups from doing the same is a violation of the most basic tenets of American freedom.  You cannot restrict free speech and you cannot respect violence done in response to free speech.  If you do, you’re no longer living in the United States of America.  The idea that we ought to stop drawing Mohammed because it pisses off the Muslims is as abhorrent as closing all of the abortion clinics because they offend the Christians.  Both the Muslims and the Christians need to grow the hell up and get over themselves.

Yet I think both groups, indeed any group, needs to be shown that it cannot threaten people with violence to get its way either. There is no right whatsoever not to be offended.  If something offends you, either don’t look at it or get over it.  Those are your choices.  Pulling a gun and shooting someone isn’t.  That might fly in the Middle East, it doesn’t fly in an advanced western society.  I think the more we offend these people, the more they have to see what they most despise, the less it will affect them if it’s everywhere.  They’re going to have to be pushed to deal with reality as it is, not as they wish it was.  The same goes for the idiot creationists who hate evolution.  Don’t give in, just keep teaching it.  Show these people they have no control over the real world.

It probably isn’t a good idea to put these pictures in public places where the possibility of widespread bloodshed exists.   I support the right of individuals or privately-held companies doing it though.  Someone has to stand up to these radical Muslim animals.  Apparently, the increasingly liberal citizens of America don’t have the balls.


3 thoughts on “Mohammad on Busses?

  1. "You cannot restrict free speech …."

    On the contrary, there are circumstances under which free speech can be, is, and should be restricted. Just take a look at the many free speech decisions from the Supreme Court. You'll find instances of where the court has ruled that restrictions on free speech are constitutionally acceptable.

  2. "…but I think it isn’t a terrible idea, done carefully."

    How does one do such a thing "carefully"? I doubt that it matters how "carefully" this is done, there will be backlash from fundamentalist Muslims. I am not arguing that the pictures should not be put on buses because it will offend some Muslims. I am taking issue with the notion that there is a way of doing this "carefully", by which I take it that you mean there is a way to do this without there being some backlash.

  3. “Apparently, the increasingly liberal citizens of America don’t have the balls.”

    There you go again, painting all liberals with the same brush. Liberalism is not some monolithic club, just as conservatism is not. Sure, there are liberals who fit this description. But there are just as many liberals who don't; just as many who support free speech as opposed to those who paint such efforts as examples of Islamophobia or religious bigotry. Jerry Coyne, Sam Harris, Bill Maher, just to name a few.

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