Horror Show Sunday: Homeschooling Stupidity

Pamela J. ChristiansenSee, this is what happens when fanatical religious belief causes people to become unstable.  A woman in Illinois, 47-year-old Pamela J. Christensen, received phone calls from her estranged husband Vaughn, a former pastor at Sugar Grove Church, telling her that the world was coming to an end. Instead of doing what any rational person would do, tell her husband that he was an idiot, she did the only thing she could do in her situation.  She tried to murder her home-schooled children.

The girls, aged 12, 16 and 19, told investigators that their mother approached them, insisting they all dress in white, holding a knife and asking if they’ve accepted Jesus as their personal lord and savior.  She had first attempted to poison them all but the girls refused to drink the concoction of toxic household cleaners.  However, she decided to become hands-on, stabbed two of the girls and then herself in the stomach.  She called 911 twice, hanging up both times and when police arrived, she was covered in blood, claiming she attempted to murder her children.  The girls suffered only minor injuries and will recover fully.

Pamela was charged with three counts each of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery and aggravated unlawful restraint.  She was held on a million dollars bail.  According to authorities, she told them that she was sending her daughters home to meet Jesus Christ.  Hopefully she got a well-deserved mental evaluation as well.

The problem though is that the court released the girls to their father Vaughn.  You know, the guy who thought the world was ending in the first place?  He had a restraining order against him from his crazy wife, citing his erratic behavior and reports that he had held her hostage in their family home.  Yeah, that’s a good place to put these traumatized kids, isn’t it!

Neighbors said they never suspected that anything was going on inside the home, probably because the kids rarely left. At least when kids go to school, they have an opportunity to tell others when things are wrong.  When you never see another person, those secrets, unfortunately, remain secrets.  There are reasons I oppose home schooling, this is one of them.

Once again, insanity and religion mix and almost turn to tragedy.  I hope no one is surprised.  I’ve covered story after story after story just like this on Horror Show Sunday, in fact, as I started to write this, I was absolutely certain that I had written about it before, I simply could not find the story anywhere in the archives.  My bad if I’ve accidentally duplicated a horror, they all start to run together after a while.


3 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Homeschooling Stupidity”

    1. None of them should have the kids, this is one case where the courts really need to realize that they're all insane and it is in the best interest of the kids' health and mental welfare that they go to either another family member who doesn't hold these religious beliefs, or to foster care. Yes, it is hard when the best option may be to get them entirely out of the family but I think this is clearly one of those times.

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