Horror Show Sunday: Veils Repel Acid

stopOr maybe not.  There’s  been a rash of attacks in the Iranian town of Isfahan, where women not wearing full veils are being splashed in the face with acid.  As of this writing, there have been four attacks and there have been suspects arrested in the assaults, but it is unknown if all of the guilty parties have been detained.

Since the late 1970s, Iranian law has required women to wear a hijab, which covers the body and the hair, but leaves the face exposed.  Many conservative Muslims see this as an affront to their religious beliefs, instead insisting that women wear a full-body chador.

Yet for as often as these attacks happen, families are being forbidden by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security to talk about the attacks, to post pictures of the women disfigured by the attacks on social media or to speak to reporters.  We know these things happen, we just don’t know exactly how often because Iran doesn’t track such attacks and we can only go by the scant media reports that make it our of the country.  Many suspect the notorious Ansar-e Hezbollah (Supporters of the Party of God), a long-standing religious fanatic group that was once associated with Ayatollah Khamenei.  They are also openly associated with Hezbollah in Lebanon, a well known Muslim terrorist organization.  They have a long history of riding motorcycles through the streets, throwing acid on any woman deemed to be dressing improperly.  Worse, they receive financing and support from high-level religious leaders, often people placed highly in the government, meaning they are carrying out not only religiously-motivated attacks, but politically-motivated ones as well.

This isn’t limited to the Isfahan however, such attacks are commonplace in the Muslim world, with offenses occurring in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India most commonly.  We’re also hearing of acid attacks against women drivers who are unfortunate enough to have their window down.

Why does this happen?  Who knows.  Why do the crazy religious people do most of the things they do.  They value their religious beliefs far more than they value the people around them and that alone lands them square on Horror Show Sunday.

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