More Bad Reasons to Believe in Jesus

15-reasons-fullEvery now and then I’ll find someone’s top 10 or top 20 list of reasons to take some absurd proposition seriously and discredit them.  Usually I don’t go looking, they just fall in my lap, as this one did, and the reasons are every bit as ridiculous as most of the rest I’ve taken a look at.  This one came up with an infographic, they must be special.  Well, short-bus special anyhow.  I’ve added it to the right, please click for a full-sized image but it doesn’t make any more sense visually than it does in text, I assure you.

Therefore, let’s jump into “15 Reasons Intelligent People Believe in Jesus“.

1. Other Smart People Do. Among the worlds smartest and most influential people are those who believe in Jesus. Faith is no barrier for intelligence, as illustrated by the enormous list of way-too-smart people that believed in Jesus. 65.4% of Nobel prize winners between the years of 1900-2000 identified themselves as Christian. From rocket scientists to biochemists, believers have proven themselves to be just as intelligent as the rest.

Hey, let’s jump in with a logical fallacy, the Argument from Authority!  Of course, they have to go back to the 1900s when science hadn’t progressed nearly as far, to find a decent list of believers for their list.  Usually they go back to the 1600s or so, when religious adherence was the norm and people believed because the church took a dim view of anyone who didn’t toe their theological line.  The fact is that in the modern world, more than 93% of the National Academy of Sciences are atheists and the religious are continuously losing ground in most of the serious sciences.  This will, of course, be entirely ignored by the zealots.

2. Jesus Likes Science. Zoology was the first occupation. (see Genesis) The formation and incubation of modern science began with believers in Jesus in the mid 1500s. The Christian passion for truth drove the early scientists, who were mostly theologians, to seek natural knowledge. Jesus is not scared of truth, and if Jesus is true then science will eventually point to him.

This is complete nonsense, it assumes that the Bible is factually true without demonstrating anything of the sort. Because the whole of the creation story is factually incorrect, the idea that zoology is the first occupation (who was paying Adam for naming all of the animals anyhow?) is just laughably absurd.  As I pointed out above, they have to go diving back into antiquity to have any hope of finding people who didn’t know about modern science, which has now answered most of the questions that kept older times mired in superstition.

3.  His Life Was Predicted. There were 353 precise predictions documented about the coming arrival and life of Jesus. Most were not clearly understood until after Jesus’ life. It was clear enough, however, that the Jewish people had been expecting his arrival for centuries.

None of which are actually demonstrable.  That’s the thing when you combine wishful thinking with an amazingly vague book that can be manipulated into meaning virtually anything.  I’m sure we  could come up with all kinds of predictions for alien visitation and multiple modern disasters, just like people have done with the writings of Nostradamus.  Oh wait, people actually have done that with the Bible, haven’t they?  Interestingly enough, they say the Jews have been waiting for the arrival of Jesus for  centuries.  Too bad they don’t consider Jesus to be the Messiah, huh?

4. The Disciples Were Convinced. The disciples believed that Jesus had risen from the dead, along with performing about a zillion other miracles. Scholars agree that the disciples found the tomb empty on the third day. Either they were all crazy, all deceived, or all right. One thing is for sure, they were convinced.

There’s no reason to think that the disciples ever existed, we have no independent historical verification of any of them, any more than we have independent historical verification of Jesus himself.  We only have the Bible, which is a book of religious mythology.  No credible scholars agree that the disciples, which haven’t been shown to exist, found any empty tombs, which also hasn’t been shown to exist.  There is no evidence of anything of the sort.

5. The Eye Witnesses Were Willing To Die. If the eyewitnesses had made the story up, they would not have sacrificed their lives to prove that the story wasn’t fiction. Eleven of the 12 disciples were murdered in ridiculously brutal ways for their faith.  All they would have had to do was shut up about it, but instead they were hanged, beheaded, boiled in oil, stabbed, stoned, crucified, beaten to death, to prove the story was true. Now that’s tenacity.

Again, they’re using a book of fiction to prove that fictional people died to prove the story in the book of fiction isn’t fictional. Even if it had been proven that these people ever lived and that they died in the ways described in the Bible, that isn’t proof that their claims were true.  We have records of lots of people dying for their faith, we have modern accounts of Buddhist monks immolating themselves for what they believe.  Does that prove that Buddhist beliefs are factually true?  Of course not.

6.  Historical Method Is a Trusted Process. Not only were the disciples convinced, but virtually all modern scholars of antiquity agree that Jesus existed, and most Biblical scholars and classical historians see the theories of his non-existence as effectively refuted.

Actually, no they don’t.  Those who study the facts and not observe the faith are not so sure that Jesus ever existed, especially the Jesus as described in the Bible.  There are many who assume that some real person must be at the center of the Jesus myth, but the born-of-a-virgin, miracle-performing, raising-from-the-dead Jesus described in the Bible?  Nobody outside of religious believers buy into that load of nonsense.

7.  You’re betting your Life, you might as well play the odds. All humans are betting their lives on a wager, that God does or does not exist. The consequences of not believing if it turns out to be true, are far greater than if one believes and it turns out to be false. Therefore a rational person should live as if God exists and seek to believe in him. Mathematically speaking, it’s the safest bet.

Oh good, let’s play Pascal’s Wager, another fallacious position.  Complete and total refutations of this fallacy are available pretty much everywhere, it’s hard to believe that anyone but the utterly stupid or the willfully ignorant still use it today.  In short, it assumes that there are only two positions, that the Christian God is real, or that no gods are real.  It also assumes that the Christian God is so completely idiotic as to not know that someone is playing the odds and pretending to believe because it bears the best potential outcome.  If there are any other gods out there, then blindly believing in the Christian version is distinctly dangerous, when it turns out that Krishna is the one true god, those Christians are in deep doo-doo.

8.  He can’t just be a good moral teacher. He is either a crazy man, a compulsive liar, or he’s Divine. His teachings did not leave the option “Only a great teacher” open to us. If he’s a liar or a lunatic, his moral teaching is not to be trusted. However, his moral teaching has proven itself, so we are left with one option. Logically he must be Lord.

Let’s keep the stupidity rolling with C.S. Lewis’ “Lunatic, Liar or Lord” fallacy.  Again, they assume that there are only a limited number of possibilities, then they create weak excuses to throw out two of those possibilities and proclaim their favored answer to be true.  Of course, there are more reasons than just the three, the most logical being “Legend”.  There’s no reason to think the Biblical Jesus ever existed.

9.  It’s Effectiveness. The story of Jesus has proven to be unstoppable, as demonstrated by its growth throughout the world, constant cultural relevance, and intense personal acceptance. It overtook the Roman empire, and today 2.1 billion people, or about a third of the world identify themselves as Christians.

It wasn’t effectiveness that led to Christian supremacy, but force.  By converting Constantine, he declared it to be the official religion of Rome.  For more than a thousand years, the Catholic Church spread its religion via the sword, through Crusades and pogroms to wipe out and/or forcibly convert the pagan masses.  It didn’t spread because it had a superior message but because it’s followers had superior weaponry.

10.  Mythology Takes Time. Mythology takes time to develop. Jesus could not have gone from historical figure to folklore in the amount of time between his death, and the first writings of the Gospels. It would have been immediately rejected. Imagine someone trying to honestly claim that George Washington was a Ghost Hunter… Although it might make a fun Quentin Tarantino film!

In fact, Jesus remained relatively unknown for a significant amount of time after his supposed death.  The early Christian church was far smaller than most Christians want to believe, we have examples of modern religions reaching much farther, having many more members and much more influence than early Christianity did in a fraction of the time.  Look at Mormonism or Scientology today, both of which claim millions of followers within a few short years of their creation.

11.  He was accepted by his peers. The most scrutinizing audience would be the contemporaneous observers of Jesus’ life. However, his story was accepted as truth, by a large portion of that contemporaneous audience. Not only did a huge number of eye witnesses believe he was Divine but the story is not refuted by ancient sources.

We have no independent eyewitness accounts at all from antiquity, there doesn’t exist a single demonstrable eyewitness account of Jesus whatsoever.  This is, as with many of these absurd claims, just a bald assertion without a shred of objective evidence to back it up.

12.  He provided an adequate cosmology. “Why are we here,” you might ask. The teachings of Jesus provide an adequate explanation for the purpose for the existence of mankind and the universe. Theoretical Particle physicists are still trying to develop the theory of everything, but billions of people around the world have found Jesus’ explanation adequate.

There is quite a difference between homespun philosophical masturbation and legitimate science, yet these people seem not to comprehend that simple fact.  The teachings of Jesus provide an emotionally comforting answer for people who are not particularly interested in critically evaluating their beliefs.  It’s all faith, no fact.

13.  Faith in Jesus is good medicine. The belief in a loving benevolent Savior is a favorable perception that has measurable psychological, and emotional benefits regardless of his actual existence.

As are beliefs in other gods, having close friends and family and being part of a supportive community.  Having a pet also has measurable psychological and emotional benefits.  Give me a cat or dog any day.

14.  His moral teaching works. In societies where Jesus’ teaching are applied properly they have been proven to enhance human rights, improve education, elicit gender equality, increase the value placed on children, and break down class inequality.

All of which only proves the vague nature of the Bible which can be twisted and contorted to support virtually any position, depending on which passages you pay attention to and which ones you ignore.  However, the Bible is a host of horrors, supporting slavery, rape, murder, religious intolerance and social disorder.  Picking and choosing which parts you like and pretending the rest  doesn’t exist is absurd.

15.  He performed Miracles to Back his Claims. The claims he made about himself were so audacious, he would have had to prove his authority by supernatural means. Luckily he did. Even those who were against him recognized that there was something supernatural going on. His opponents described him as a miracle worker, or a sorcerer. you can bet if there was any way for them to claim that jesus did not perform miracles, his opponents would have. It was too obvious. It was too well known. The populace was too well aware of his miraculous actions for his opponents to deny it.  Multiple eye witnesses accounts verify that he performed supernatural acts, exercised demons, and rose from the dead.

Nope, no independent accounts of any of these things exist, there’s no better reason to believe that Jesus performed any miracles than there is to believe that Mohammed rode off into the sky atop a flying horse.  Harry Potter was as much a wizard because there are books written about him.  We find the religiously gullible believing things for which they get emotional validation without having any critical evaluation of the work in question.

So that’s 15 completely failed reasons why anyone should believe in Jesus.  It isn’t even intelligent people, if they do believe these things, they’re people who believe despite their intelligence.  There is no evidence for any of the claims, there is no logically laid-out reasoning to support them, it’s all blind faith and wishful thinking and only an idiot is going to fall for that, even if they are intelligent in other areas of their life.  Infographic or no, this list is laughable in the extreme.

19 thoughts on “More Bad Reasons to Believe in Jesus

    1. As becomes clearer every day, it's really hard to tell the difference between a Poe and an honest believer. This whole thing could easily be a sham, put on by a troll to trick people and there's really no way to know the difference unless the troll comes out and admits it.

  1. Hey you guys, this is Lucas Kitchen. I'm the creator of the above graphic, '15 Reasons'. For the creator of this site, I'd love to see the metrics on page views for this page if you're up for sharing. I'm trying to determine what portion of our traffic on has come from your site.

    As for my own curiosity, I'd also love to know how the author came across our graphic in the first place.

    As for the content of the rebuttal. Way to go. Seems fairly well put together, albeit a bit personally insulting. That's ok though. We don't play the content creation game if we have thin skin. The most important thing to me is that people have an opportunity to believe in Jesus. I know that there is simply a population group that I can't reach with this kind of content. We've found that some people love this graphic and some people hate it. We've noted that you guys hate it.

    Feel free to do a similar critique of any of our content on It's good for us to have critique, it keeps us sharp and always trying to move forward in making good content.

    Also, I appreciate the backlink. That is very fair of you.

    Since I don't frequent this site, big surprise I know, if anyone wants to have some interesting conversations about faith, and non-faith I'd be happy to chat. Hit me up on Facebook at Lucas Kitchen. Or email me at

    My recent post 15 Reasons Intelligent People Believe In Jesus

    1. Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with the quality of the graphic, it's neither better nor worse than similar infographics I've seen. Of course, I wholly disagree with the content of the graphic and the article itself, but that's not really about the artistic quality, is it? While I really don't pay much attention to specific metrics, I did look at outgoing links and there weren't many headed to your page, although for all I know, people bookmarked it and went to look later and I would have no record of that. At present, only 11 clicks through to your site with more than 1500 page views so far. As for how I found the graphic, I believe it was posted in a Google+ group but don't quote me, it's been quite some time since I wrote it and I don't remember for sure. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

      But then we hit the real question of the day and I'm not trying to be insulting, but let's be honest, I did pretty well destroy your 15 reasons for anyone who actually cares about the facts and the evidence. None of your reasons was particularly original, they've been floating around out there for a very long time and they have been soundly refuted many, many times, long before I ever got to your particular list. It always makes me curious why these same old, tired, entirely refuted ideas keep finding their way into such lists when a few minutes with Google would reveal the utter emptiness of the claims. Again, I'm not trying to be insulting and I'm certainly not aiming this squarely at you, but if I was going to get online and make a list of reasons for X, I'd absolutely spend some time doing some research and find out if those reasons are valid. Again, it's not just you, there are many, many Christian and Muslim and other religious apologists who do the exact same thing, they simply repost things they've heard again and again without checking to see if it was ever true in the first place. Let's be honest, there isn't anything new under the sun when it comes to religion, it just keeps getting recycled, refuted and recycled again because most apologists aren't particularly interested if their beliefs are actually true, they just care that it makes them feel good. You're right that you will never reach the people who care more about reality than about emotional comfort and that ought to make you pause and realize the problems with your approach. These are not people who are biased against your beliefs, these are people who are pointing out the inherent fallacy of your position and the emptiness of your claims. That apologists continue to hold the same position and present the same claims even after being soundly refuted, that says something about the honesty and integrity of those apologists.

      Best of luck to you, hopefully you will re-evaluate your post and maybe not make the same mistakes again in the future.

  2. You used a funny figure of speech, "I pretty well destroyed your 15 reasons." I'm imaging this phrase being used in a conversation between two nuns. Maybe they are discussing the incarnation, "Eunis, I pretty much destroyed your reasons for the hypo-static union of Christ!" How fun. I think I'll start using that. BTW, I like nicknames, I think that I will call you Cephus The Destroyer (is it ok if I shorten that to CTD).

    You may or may not have seen the sources at the bottom of the article page where I posted the graphic. No matter if you did, I don't expect it to make any difference, since I've been so utterly destroyed. I wish you could see me – I'm a shade of my former self. My teeth sit broken on blooded gums. I've just come off of a long crying spell. I don't like being destroyed, please un-destroy me.

    Oh, by the way I was wondering if you intentionally quoted scripture in your last comment? I thought at first that it was a clever usage, but then when you said that the biblical claims were empty it seemed strange that you would quote from the bible.

    You said my claims have utter emptiness, but I'd like to know if they have udder emptiness? If the purpose of this graphic was to start conversations with lovely folks like yourself, then wouldn't you say it's done it's work. Maybe the udder is not so dry after all.

    As a point of clarification, the title was not, "15 reasons that will convince your atheist friends to stop embarrassing you in front of your other Christian friends and believe in Jesus."

    The point of this graphic was 1, to make a list of the types of reasons that verifiably intelligent people cite as reasons to believe in Jesus, and secondly to start conversations like the one we are having. My devious plan is coming together… I know you can't see it but I'm laughing (supervillain style and rubbing my sweaty villain palms together.) Or wait, does Cephus The Destoryer knows all… you already knew that didn't you?

    I'm just having a bit of fun. This is not intended to be rude. For realzz. It isn't, I just prefer to enjoy my time, and I hope anyone who reads it doesn't take it as irreverent or whatever. I'll be more serious now.

    So, I don't feel the need to defend the 15 reasons graphic mainly because It wouldn't really matter. Right? I mean it wouldn't would it? I can, but a resistant audience looks empirically identical to presenter who is mentally vacuous in it's end result. So whether the claims are empty, or the audience is resistant of truth is almost impossible to perceive without some object standpoint. Since I'm the presenter in this case, and you're been perceived as the resistant audience, I see now need to attempt.

    If anyone would be interested in discussing it I'd be happy to through or my personal email

    So with that I'm off to go partake in another 3 hour sacrament of weeping over being utterly destroyed.
    My recent post 15 Reasons Intelligent People Believe In Jesus

    1. It’s not funny, your ideas have been totally discredited, not by me because what I wrote is no more original than your claims. All of them are old and tired and completely and ridiculously false, I’ve just done so again, although I have no doubt that your blind faith will force you to cling to them because you’re not interested in fact, you’re interested in feeling good. Of course, I haven’t seen you address anything that I’ve said, you’re just poking fun at me and that’s okay. Anyone reading what you write can recognize an ad hominem attack when they see one.

      Come on back when you have actual evidence that anything you said was factually true. Better yet, try to disprove anything that I said. Provide demonstrable and objective evidence. I’ll be waiting.

  3. Cephas,
    Where do your sources come from? How do you know "93% of the National Academy of Sciences are atheists and the religious are continuously losing ground in most of the serious sciences"?

    What sources are you referencing when you talk about "Those who study the facts and not observe the faith are not so sure that Jesus ever existed"? Who are these people?

    What are your thoughts concerning the "historical reliability" of the 6000+ biblical manuscripts that were used in verifying the bible?

    Have you personally researched these claims or are you just re-posting what other "people who study the facts" claim?

    Unless you prefer readers to simply take your word for it and trust you know what you are talking about…but then that's exactly what "the author" of the graphic does.

    I am not an eloquent writer so please excuse anything that might be unclear in my questions. Just curious.

    1. 1. Larson, Edward J.; Larry Witham (1998). "Leading scientists still reject God". Nature (Macmillan Publishers Ltd.) 394 (6691): 313–4. doi:10.1038/28478. PMID 9690462. There are many other sources of this information including:….

      2. Again, many notable historians including Richard Carrier, writers like Michael Paulkovich, etc. This information is not difficult to find.

      3. A million copies of a thing do not prove the validity of the thing. There are millions of copies of the Harry Potter books, that doesn't prove Voldemort is real. The only thing that will prove the Bible true is if the Bible can stand up to critical scrutiny and be supported by objective evidence. It cannot. A billion copies of a lie don't make the lie any more true.

      4. Yes, I have personally researched any claims that I make, at least as far as any individual can do so. We all have to rely on experts in highly technical fields because nobody can possibly get advanced degrees in every field under the sun. However, this is where the scientific method is inherently superior, it has a distinct methodology for discovering bad ideas and false claims and biased conclusions and getting them evaluated objectively. Science doesn't rely on faith. It relies on continual testing and criticism of ideas.

      I don't expect anyone to listen to me, I expect everyone to go do their own research and find out what ideas are factually true and which ones are not.

  4. awww man, you're twisting up my intentions. I was trying to be light hearted, and humorous, because we all know that debates like these never really go anywhere. I seriously didn't mean to be offensive, I guess it's like the time the standup comedian got his directions to the venue mixed – and accidentally started telling jokes at a funeral. I was really just trying to be fun. Oh well. Sorry about that. That's not a sarcastic apology, I really had hoped we might have a fun banter before I stepped away. I was trying to make a few folks smile as I declined your invitation to a backyard wrestling match. It was intended as a humorous commentary on your very direct style, (which may be very effective). So again, I apologize. – though I will say, by your words, your goal is to "destroy" something I've created. I think under the circumstances, I've been a pretty good sport. I apologize if I've broken the rules of your site or whatever. I didn't mean to.

    I'm not interested in defending the 15 Reasons. It's a perspective piece. If you don't like it, or how it's put together that's no problem for me.

    In any case, I'm not interested in a fight… everyone looks foolish when fighting in my opinion. It seems to me that you are on the look out for your next victim, I sure don't want to play that role.

    Other than these quick comments, in terms of response, I am more motived to spend my time on those who are interested in Jesus, rather than standing in the street trading punches. Alleyway word slinging just doesn't seem all that valuable to me. I'm chasing the Kingdom, and the type of debate I assume you are salivating for accomplishes nothing of long term value in my opinion.

    I try to be more interested in what my creator, and King thinks of me. You can mark this down as a point for your side, or a case of cowardice, or that you have actually destroyed me or whatever. The truth is, that Jesus gave specific instructions on how to interact in this type of situation. I am simply trying to abide by his instruction, which is why I decline your invitation to debate. Thanks anyway.

    Like always, if anyone would like to communicate on a more personal level, I'd be happy to lay out why these reasons might be more compelling when viewed from a non-militant atheist mind set.
    My recent post 15 Reasons Intelligent People Believe In Jesus

    1. So you weren’t serious in any of your 15 reasons, it was all a joke? Is that what you’re trying to say? Is that the line you’re going to go with? And the reason these debates never go anywhere is because you’ve got nothing but blind faith and fanatical belief. You have no response to anything anyone says except “I believe…” And when people don’t care what you believe, when your faith doesn’t convince anyone and they expect you to have an actual rational and intellectual response to present, when they expect you to be able to present objective evidence to support your ideas and you can’t do it, of course it falls apart. But that’s because of the theists, not because of the skeptics. What ought to happen is the theists ought to realize… wow, my beliefs really can’t be justified, there really isn’t any evidence, all of the things that I’ve said are not demonstrable, but they don’t because they don’t care. It isn’t important. Their religious fantasies are much more important than the real world. That’s a problem, but it’s a problem that you won’t recognize.

      You aren’t interested in defending your own post because you know it isn’t rationally defensible. That’s not an insult, that’s a fact and unfortunately, you’re not alone. You’re hardly the first person I’ve shredded their supposed “reasons” and found them unwilling to defend their position. It’s painfully common, in fact. If you cared about the validity of your opinions, you’d be ready to defend them. Any position worth having is worth fighting for. The fact that you’re not is quite telling. Not surprising but telling. Apparently you don’t give a damn about 1 Peter 3:15: “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” You not only don’t care about your self-respect, you don’t care about the Bible either.

      You’re interested in spending time with people who already buy into your religious propaganda. You only want to preach to the choir. It’s easy. You don’t have to defend yourself. I get that. It’s also intellectually lazy. You ought to understand that. You also ought to look at these responses and start to wonder “is that really how I look to people outside of my little echo chamber?” It ought to be embarrassing. I know it won’t be but it should be. You’re not chasing the Kingdom, you’re chasing a fantasy and you’re not intellectually honest enough to admit that you have no credible reason to think that there’s any such thing. You might as well be saying that you care what Lord Voldemort thinks of you. It’s that ridiculous. You can run back to your blog and keep telling people how right you are but this is just one example of how wrong you actually are and how ill equipped you are to deal with it. This isn’t a strategic retreat, it’s a full fledged surrender of your intellectual credibility as you head for the hills. I don’t think you care. I don’t really care if you care. It’s just the truth.

      Best of luck in your echo chamber.

  5. A man has been given a cure to a widespread disease. Along with this he's given the ability to share this cure. He can either spend his time debating with the few that believe the disease doesn't exist, or he can give out this cure to as many as possible. If the cure exists (and I believe it does) judge for yourself which is more valuable.

    Debate between believers and unbelievers is like the time a lifelong herbivore wanted to debate a carnivore about the taste of meat. If you deny that the supernatural exists, that means you do not have any experience with it. It doesn't make any sense for me to debate with you about something you've had no experience with.

    It's like the man who decided to throw pearls to his pigs because he loved them so much. When the pigs realized that the man was feeding them with something non edible, they turned and trampled him and the pearls. No matter how valuable my faith is to me, it doesn't make sense for me to throw it before you to trample.

    I presume that your epistemological position rejects the possibility of the supernatural and replaces it with an addiction to the empirical and an inability to consider anything gleaned from the evidentiary method based on your comments above. Therefore, we don't have enough common ground to stand upon for this debate that you salivate for.

    As I already stated, I'm more committed to investing my time with those who are interested. (that doesn't mean they agree with me, but their attitude is one of mutual respect and genuine inquisitiveness)

    If there is anyone that reads this and is interested in a meaningful discussion on the subject, feel free to contact me either through or

    My recent post Threads of Jesus: Superman

    1. But you have no cure, you can’t even show you’ve got a disease. That’s the problem with religion, it pretends to have answers to questions that don’t exist. That’s like running around screaming that you have the cure to the zombie apocalypse. That’s fine, but until you can show that there actually is a zombie apocalypse, you’ve got nothing. You’re peddling a cure for a disease that doesn’t exist, just like those old time shysters pushing miracle water. You keep saying it’s pointless to debate unbelievers, yet you keep coming back here time and time and time again because I keep making you look like a fool You invite people to talk to you, but you refuse to talk to someone who knows more than you do. I’ve already trashed your post, maybe I ought to start taking a look at more of what you write because I’m willing to bet that it’s all just as asinine and irrational as the one I’ve already taken on. Of course, you’re terrified of anyone disagreeing with you, you keep your comments turned off while mine are on. Imagine that.

      If you want to go preach to the choir, feel free. Just know that you’ve already lost here and nobody is impressed with you or your ideas. Best of luck to you.

  6. You said, "But you have no cure, you can't even show you've got a disease."

    This proves my point exactly. Even a 1 inch hurdle is too high for a man that has decided he will not jump. Jesus instructed his disciples not to cast their pearls before swine.

    You've misunderstood why I've come back here time and again. Of course you think you've made me look like a fool… who cares. Obviously you would think what I believe is foolish. That's not why I return. I come back each time to make this statement: If there is anyone that is interested in discussing this topic I'd be happy to talk. or
    My recent post What’s In Your Soil

    1. But you're not. You're only willing to discuss the topic with people who won't ask any difficult questions or challenge your faith. You only want to talk to sheep. I guess that's up to you but I don't think you're going to find any sheep here.

  7. Typical Liar for Jebus. He's only pimping his blog and trying to drive traffic. I hope he follows Jesus' teachings on how to treat his slaves.

    1. Unfortunately, he's not alone. He's afraid to debate because he knows he's already lost. That's why he won't turn on comments on his blog. Being shown to be a fraud is a bitch.

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