The Clinton Dishonesty

hillary-clintonWith an endless array of ethical errors and downright dishonesties trailing behind her, Hillary Clinton turns out to be a fraud as well, which let’s be honest, nobody outside of  her fanatical do-no-wrong followers is surprised at.  Now we’re finding that the Clinton Foundation, a supposed charitable organization that took in more than $140 million last year, is little more than a slush fund for the Clinton family and friends.

Charity Navigator, a watchdog group that rates non-profitable groups, refused to even rate the Clinton Foundation because it falls outside of their criteria for a charitable group.  They placed the Foundation on their watch list, which warns potential investors of shady business dealings.  Not surprisingly, a lot of the 23 groups currently on the watch list are fraudulent liberal “charitable” groups including the National Action Network,  a group run by Al Sharpton which has reportedly failed to pay the required payroll taxes on employees.

For the Clinton Foundation, they reported more than $30 million spent on payroll and employee benefits, $8.7 million in rent, $9.2 million in conventions and meeting expenses, $8 million in fundraising costs and $8.5 million in travel.  Out of that $140 million in donations, they only spent $9 million in actual direct aid.  The lowest allowable standard for credible charitable work is 75%. The Clinton Foundation only used 6.42%.  Even liberal watchdog groups like the Sunlight Group are calling the Clinton Foundation a slush fund for the Clinton family.  Clinton friends and family members have been involved at the highest levels and have done some really questionable things and even Hillary Clinton herself has acted in a blatant conflict of interest, brokering a deal whereby the Russians gained control of a Canadian uranium company in exchange for promises by a long-time Clinton friend and foundation member to make a sizeable donation to their fund.

But Hillary remains the front-runner in the 2016 Democratic presidential race, mostly because they have nobody else and a horde of mindless liberal zombies follow her around like she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, completely oblivious to her obvious and growing number of faults and failures.  She was a failure as a first lady, she has been a failure as a wife, she’s been a failure as Secretary of State and now she’s trying desperately to be a failure as a President.  When failure is all you know, following a failed political philosophy, why not keep adding to your already bungled life?  Can America survive someone with such a poor track record?  I don’t think so.  Please, run Hillary out of town on a rail and pick someone with at least a hint of honesty.


4 thoughts on “The Clinton Dishonesty”

  1. I am no expert in the foundation, but I suppose the biggest issue that arises is how closely is the family ties with the foundation. That is, are they board members or trustees. Its these questions that when answered will either damage her hopes or not. But, thats just my understanding of it, and like I say I am no expert on these legal matters.

    On a side note: Why do you think Hilary is a failure as a wife? I always thought she was a pretty good wife with all the shenanigans that went on.
    My recent post Morality and war

  2. I'm an atheist too, belong too the freedom from religion foundation…and I think you're desperate myself, all policians are thieves and liars, and so is all these christian republicans too…like Thomas Jefferson said, christianity is a perversion of pure morality, that ever shone it's light on men!!!

    1. I wouldn't exactly consider Thomas Jefferson a shining beacon of moral consciousness. Regardless of his opinions of religions or his personal religious preferences, he was scumbag who falsely imprisoned and used forced labor for his own selfish desires. Oh and he might have been a rapist too.

      It is one thing to view secular morality as superior. It is another thing to actually live by those values. Thomas Jefferson like many of the founding fathers were moral hypocrites. Actions always speak louder than words; what is more important than consistent morality/ethics? But don't take my word for it, read some history books not written by politically correct partisans.

      1. I wouldn't either because I don't consider anyone a shining beacon of moral consciousness. I have no heroes of any kind. Secular morality is clearly superior, but not because of anyone who has practiced it but because of what it actually is.

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