Horror Show Sunday: Taking Photos Kills Teen

isis-crucify-teenagerLots of liberals hate accusing Muslims of any sort of religious wrong-doing, claiming it’s all political or social, or worse yet, that even thinking Islam could ever be in the wrong is just racist.  However, in every story I present, even those that might have a political component, religion always plays into it.  That’s because Islam isn’t limited to just religion, it is a social and political system as well, the Qur’an details how governments should operate, how social systems should work and how people should worship and believe.  That’s why so many of these ISIS stories come up, because the real motivation behind these horrors is Islamic belief, not secular politics.

In the de-facto Islamic State capital of Raqqa, Islamic extremists have crucified a boy for taking pictures of their camp.  According to reports, the boy was receiving 500 Turkish lira for every photograph he took of the terrorist base and clearly, I can understand why they’d be upset. However, they didn’t charge the boy with any political crime, he wasn’t punished as a traitor or a spy, no, the Muslim extremists branded the boy an apostate and sentenced him to death by crucifixion.  The above picture was circulated on Twitter, the bruised and bloody body of the boy, bearing a sign that accused the boy of apostasy against Islam.  That would be like claiming that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for crimes against Christianity.  You can’t say that and then deny religious involvement.

So there you go, yet another case of Islamic murder from those animals in the Middle East, the Islamic State.  Or are we going to start claiming that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam?  I wouldn’t put that past a lot of liberal apologists.  Just one more thing to shake your head at on Horror Show Sunday.

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  1. I actually have heard people claim that ISIS is not Islam, I think Barrack Obama said it. Well him among many others. I just wish I could trace where this whole Islamaphobia/Racism tripe started, as some how it did and now many people are just to scared to tell it like it is. My guess is that it started with an Islamic apologist, like Reza Aslan, that has some type of traction in the media.
    My recent post Idiocy is contagious as Penuel Mnguni learns from Lesego Daniel

    1. It's always the conservative interpretation of religious texts and rules that causes such violence. Same goes for conservative government.

        1. Exactly. That's why Karl Marx rejected the conservative interpretation that Lenin and Stalin practiced. Now you know.

          1. I think this conversation is getting off track. Why don't you stop harassing me.

            The definition of a conservative can be found in the dictionary.

          2. Who's signature is displayed in your avatar?

            But instead of my whining about harassment, why don't you just define conservatism so that your comments make historical sense?

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            One for a bank lien in Washoe County. You don't pretend to take a signature and use it, you do it or you don't.

            And you are still just a rule #4 troll. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/europe/R…?
            4. PROPAGANDA & CENSORSHIP: New autocrats dominate the internet by blocking access to independent websites, hiring trolls to flood comments pages with pro-regime spam, and paying hackers to vandalize opposition online media sites. They bribe media owners with advertising contracts and encourage pro-regime investors to purchase critical publications. Recently, Hungary's PM Viktor Orban was called a 'dictator'. He has been labelled so for weakening of democratic checks & balances and crackdown on civic groups.

          9. Everything I claimed, you said was false. So either you were lying and let me continue, or it is yours.

            You tell me.

          10. Still can't face reality?

            What you claimed was false, marxism was new and it didn't have a conservative branch at the time of the Ukrainian farmers being starved to death.

          11. con·ser·va·tive (kən-sûr′və-tĭv)
            1. Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.
            2. Traditional or restrained in style: a conservative dark suit.

            It is because of conservatives that we have religious and political violence.

          12. I never said it did.

            I said conservative traditions and values were APPLIED to Marxism. And that is why Karl Marx rejected communism.

            I am not sure if you are deliberately misconstruing what I wrote, or if you sincerely are having a hard time comprehending what I wrote.

            I know you are a very conservative fundamentalist Christian, so I suspect it could be either.

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            But there are only 39 comments above yours and when you can read and follow that many comments it might be a better time to come back and comment on them.

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            4. PROPAGANDA & CENSORSHIP: New autocrats dominate the internet by blocking access to independent websites, hiring trolls to flood comments pages with pro-regime spam, and paying hackers to vandalize opposition online media sites. They bribe media owners with advertising contracts and encourage pro-regime investors to purchase critical publications. Recently, Hungary's PM Viktor Orban was called a 'dictator'. He has been labelled so for weakening of democratic checks & balances and crackdown on civic groups.

          17. I did answer your questions, and you ignored that fact and then harassed me.

            And your false assertions don't change that.

          18. Leaving aside your denial, since anyone reading the thread can see my point, why do you want to distract from the fact that Islamists murdered a boy for photos. And worse than that, they did so in the most painful and barbaric manner possible, leaving aside how they murdered the Jordanian pilot.

            Are you trying to cover for and distract from the brutality of islam in it's most pure form?

          19. If everyone sees your point, why do you have so many thumbed downs from the readers of this site?

            Now you are trying to change the subject instead of addressing my point.

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          20. Truth doesn't depend on acceptance.

            Columbus didn't need acceptance for the new world to be there waiting for him.

            And you haven't shown I'm actually wrong.
            Stop distracting from the story.

            The boy who was brutally crucified deserves better.

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          22. You might want to read the comment before you misrepresent the comment.

            And the truth is that the boy cruxified for photos deserves better than to have his discussion derailed simply because you troll for a regime that supports islamists.

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  2. ISIS is Wahhabi Sunni Islam, just as Al-Qaeda & most other terror groups the US or its allies have supported/
    funded over the years. You might ask who else is Wahhabi Sunnis; Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait
    UAE, Bahrain, you know everyone who the US/UK/UN calls its allies. Operation Cyclone started under
    Jimmy Carter was the covert training of Wahhabi converts from Saudi Arabia to fight the Russians. The
    Saudis paid for schools in Pakistan to spread their Wahhabi death cult thinking. After the war was over,
    we left but the teachings giving to those CIA trained terrorists never left, nor did the religion the Saudis
    taught young children that fight against everyone not part of their death cult today.

    I could go on if you like, but was just trying to give you some information on the question you asked.

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