Same-Sex Marriage Causes Abortion?

how-is-my-marriage-affecting-youSometimes you wonder if the religious can get any more bat-shit insane and then they have to go and prove that yes, yes they can.  According to Gene Schaerr, a lawyer on the unsuccessful legal team that argued against Utah’s same-sex marriage laws, that legalizing gay marriage will have the effect of producing even more abortions.

Uh… what?

According to Schaerr, “On the surface, abortion and same-sex marriage may seem unrelated”.  Yes, just like religion and common sense are unrelated, but please continue.  He goes on to say that “the two are closely linked in a short and simple causal chain.”  Oh, do tell.  This ought to be good.

He argues that allowing gay marriage somehow devalues marriage, thus causing fewer women to get married.  As such, he says that “nearly 900,000 more children of the next generation would be aborted as a result of their mothers never marrying. This is equal to the entire population of the cities of Sacramento and Atlanta combined.”

Wait, is he fucking kidding?  Please tell me nobody can be that stupid.  Oh wait, he’s a lawyer, of course he can.

Where does he get any of these ideas?  Why does he think that  legalizing gay marriage has any effect whatsoever on the number of heterosexual couples that get married?  Where is his data?  We know he has none, he even admits it. This is all a load of made-up bullshit, vomited out in desperation before the Supremes make their ruling.  Let’s look at this logically, even though we know Schaerr has never done so.  If we’re talking about women who are going to get pregnant out of wedlock in the first place, why should we they’d care about getting married at all?  More likely, according to the religious, they wouldn’t be good Christians to begin with and thus, the legalization of gay marriage really wouldn’t matter to them one way or the other. No more of these women would get abortions because of gay marriage than they would without it.  Whether or not it was legal would be no factor at all.  This is, as expected, a totally empty argument.

But it gets worse.  In debating this story, a bunch of religious whack-a-loons started claiming that gay marriage, in and of itself, would produce a higher number of abortions coming from… get this… gay people!  I guess they don’t really understand homosexuality or how babies are made because two people of the same gender cannot, by definition, become pregnant.  Where is the logic in this belief?  Oh yeah… religion.

Two gay men getting married simply cannot create a pregnancy, thus they are totally out of the running for an abortion.  Two lesbians can certainly get pregnant through artificial insemination, but this isn’t going to be an accidental or unwanted pregnancy.  Few, if any of them would end in abortion, so where does this crazy train end?

At the end of the day, these are religious crazies getting desperate, now that the Supreme Court is going to finally make a decision on gay marriage and it looks like the only choice is to make it legal across all 50 states whether the states want it or not.  I will be very, very surprised if they do anything else and even if they do, 35 states have already legalized it and it’s just a matter of time until the remaining 15 do as well.  Even if some ridiculous backwards religious state refuses, they are still bound under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to recognize marriages performed in other states.  All gay residents have to do is cross the border, get married and come back.  It doesn’t matter what it says in their state Constitutions, the federal Constitution overrides them all. This has been decided back in the 1967 Loving vs. Virginia decision.

Where these religious asshats get these bizarre ideas is entirely beyond me.  I’m guessing they really take this stuff seriously, but then again, they take an imaginary friend in the sky seriously, so there’s already something seriously suspect about their rational faculties.  In any case, it’s just a few months until, hopefully, we’ll hear millions of voices cry out in religious terror and be suddenly silenced.  It couldn’t happen to a worse group of people.

4 thoughts on “Same-Sex Marriage Causes Abortion?”

  1. I have actually just finished catching up on the two podcasts that dealt with same sex marriage. It is insane the amount of irrational thought that has come to the fore with the SCOTUS decision. But this one, must be the cream of the batshit crazy crop.
    My recent post Praise God for his beauty

  2. Well, I can only answer this for myself. But it's for the same reasons straight people marry. My wife and I are newlyweds who were married in Californian on 1 November 2008. As many people have done before us, we married to show our commitment and love to each other in the presence of our Creator, our families, our friends, and our community.

  3. Every person should be allow to commit to the person they love. There is no excuse on earth that is acceptable for denying it. Even the bible does not have any definition of marriage. The very first marriage on this earth was a same sex marriage in Egypt. It has been going on for thousands of years.

    1. With certain caveats, sure. You shouldn't be able to commit to a child, at least not in any legal or physical sense. But I don't care who you love, so long as the relationship is legal.

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