Why Are Orthodox Jews So Stupid?

Jewish SwitchJust that title is going to get me some flack, I bet, but I recently came across a news story, attached below, about Orthodox Jews having a massive row about a new light switch that is supposed to let them turn lights on and off on the Sabbath without violating their religious views.

Yes, you heard me right, they cannot turn lights on or off on Saturdays because… well, Yahweh. Of course, that’s not the only thing they can’t do, they can’t push buttons in elevators, they can’t do anything that is defined by Jewish law as work because they’re supposed to be resting on the Sabbath.

This is idiotic beyond all reason, just as stupid as many of the things that we criticize the Muslims for, but for some reason, nobody points out what a bunch of morons fundamentalist Jews are because they can’t flip a switch or push a button.

Instead, many of them either have timers in their homes that turn lights on or off, set before the start of their Shabbat.  If something happens and they need the lights on or off unexpectedly, they’re out of luck.  Some of them actually hire non-Jews to be on call to turn lights on and off during Shabbat or beg people off the street to come and flip a switch.  In heavily Jewish neighborhoods, elevators will stop at every floor all day on Saturday so nobody has to push a button.  I’ve even seen reports of observant Jews “accidentally” flailing around so that maybe some part of their body contacts the button “unintentionally” so they can pretend they didn’t do it on purpose.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?t=158&v=NdbkvJznmwU’]

So someone came up with a new light switch that is supposed to get around these archaic rules somehow and a bunch of rabbis have said it’s acceptable to use them, pretty much the same as we see Muslim imams being consulted on religious law and observances.  It’s really idiotic in both cases.  People, you need to grow up and join the 21st century.

I think what’s worst of all about this is the hypocrisy.  These people believe that they’re not allowed to do something, then they spend considerable time and money trying to figure out how to get around these religious prohibitions.  Either it’s allowed or it isn’t.  The idea that they can’t do it but they’re  going to find some bizarre rationalization for why they can do it after all is utterly absurd.  Either it’s allowed or it isn’t.  Figure it out.

Maybe we need to spend more time pointing out the ridiculous nature of religion and stop limiting it to the Christians and the Muslims.  Everyone has their faith-based bugaboos that the whole world ought to point at and laugh.  This is one point of stupidity for the Jews.

5 thoughts on “Why Are Orthodox Jews So Stupid?”

  1. It never fails to amaze me what levels of stupid religious people will entertain to appease their invisible friend. Somebody get Harvey a chair?

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