Horror Show Sunday: Milk Baths for All!

Sant RampalSant Rampal is an Indian guru who attracted quite a following, but in the end, was not a nice man.  He is s practitioner of the Kabir panth, a strict order which prohibits temple visits, dancing, singing, idol worship and other such things.  However, while Rambal is very popular in India, he’s also sought for complicity in several murders, including the death of a rival religious leader in 2006.

Authorities didn’t ignore these allegations, they have wanted to get Rambal out of his ashram for years, but he’s hidden there, surrounded by loving followers who have sworn to give their lives to protect their guru.

While Rambal was in hiding, he was prone to taking milk baths, the contents of which were routinely made into kheer, a rice pudding that he told his followers to eat, saying it would bring happiness to their lives.  Sorry, who thought it was a good idea to eat food made from someone’s bath?

Anyhow, when authorities finally came for Rambal, they were faced with a fortified ashram.  Wheelbarrows full of rocks were placed around the ashram, ready for his followers to hurl at the police.  There were also cannisters of acid and squirt guns filled with gasoline for use against the authorities.  When the attack came, it was at a great price.  Before Rampal was in handcuffs, at least six of his followers lay dead, more than 200 injured and more than 850 were arrested for assaulting officers.  Police estimate that there may have been more than 15,000 followers within the compound at the time of the arrest.  A senior police officer, Shriniwas Vashist, told Reuters: “The godman was using his devotees as a human shield.”

But it gets worse.  Following the arrest, police found that many of the supposed followers were not there voluntarily, they had been held hostage by the faithful.  “They closed and locked the gates inside the compound and would not let us out,” said Birender Satya, one of the prisoners.  Police also found a huge cache of weapons and ammunition that had been stockpiled in the ashram and some reports suggest that women may have been raped within the ashram, although no details of those charges have come out at this time.

While I don’t get a lot of Hindu horrors around here, mostly because they are very uncommon in the west, they certainly do happen and Sant Rambal is really no different than David Koresh or other American religious cults that think they are above the law because God is on their side.  God isn’t on anyone’s side, God is a myth and exposing myths that cause harm is one of the services we provide here at Horror Show Sunday.

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    1. The faithful don't care about fraud, they only care about feeling good. That's the same reason you find Catholic congregations standing staunchly behind their priests, even though the priests have been found guilty of pedophilia. They refuse to believe it because believing it would come between their religion and their emotional reaction to their religion.

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