SJWs Don’t Understand Comic Book Movies

avengers-age-of-ultron-collageGranted, I haven’t seen the new Avengers movie yet, I won’t see it until it comes out on Blu Ray,  but already the crazy SJWs are out whining about how bad it is.  Joss Whedon walked away from Twitter entirely because he was getting abused, some people thought it was the radical feminist idiots that pushed him away, although he’s denied it, I suspect because he’s a self-identified feminist and he doesn’t want to make the whole movement look bad.  However, it isn’t just Joss Whedon that has made this whole thing so absurd.

I ran into a SJW on a forum who was whining long and hard that Avengers: Age of Ultron was a horrible movie and no feminists or other liberals ought to see it because the Maximoff twins, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were not Jews, as they were in the comic books, but now they were white and white people suck.  I kid you not.

Of course, in the comics, they are the kids of Magneto, but in the movies, FOX owns the rights to Magneto with their licensing of the X-Men franchise.  However, in the X-Men films that Ian McKellen has appeared in, even though the first X-Men movie tells his backstory as a Jew in a Nazi death camp, McKellen isn’t a Jew at all.  He’s a white guy.  A British gay atheist white guy in fact.  Are the feminists screaming about that?  I rather doubt it.  But since Magneto doesn’t exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s really no reason to make Wanda and Pietro Jewish because their parentage is the only place that it comes into play.

And besides, if you want to demand comic correctness, Nick Fury was a white guy in the comics for decades, nobody is complaining that Samuel L. Jackson is playing him in the movies.  This isn’t about comic accuracy, it’s about liberal racism.

Personally, I don’t give a damn what race anyone is in the movies.  It’s irrelevant.  I care if the movies are good.  That’s all that ought to matter.  Movies are not social commentary, they are entertainment.  That’s not what liberals care about though, they only see race, they only see gender, they only see sexual orientation, they can’t just sit back and enjoy the show.  That’s why everything turns into some kind of political, social debate instead of just a movie, just a TV show, just a discussion, it’s always war.

Maybe that’s why so many of us just stare at the SJW’s like they’ve got a third eye, they can’t just be normal people, they always have to be on the lookout for anything they can use, fairly or not, to push their political and social agenda, even when it’s a comic book movie.

2 thoughts on “SJWs Don’t Understand Comic Book Movies

  1. "And besides, if you want to demand comic correctness, Nick Fury was a white guy in the comics for decades, nobody is complaining that Samuel L. Jackson is playing him in the movies. This isn’t about comic accuracy, it’s about liberal racism."

    Actually, Nick Fury was always a black man in Marvel's Ultimate line, and the Marvel Studios films draw on that line's version of the characters as much as the regular line's version (more, sometimes). In an amusing twist on fiction-generating-reality, that comic book version wasn't just black, he looked exactly like Samuel L. Jackson, because the book's writer and artist thought Jackson was as cool as anybody gets. The producers at marvel Studios agreed, and Jackson was their only choice for the part as a result.

    Nobody is complaining because he's great in the part.

    If you want to see real racism in effect, look at the conservative online commentary about the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR movie — a tremendous amount of it blasts the film for casting a black actor as Johnny Storm, since he's always been white in the comics and his sister Sue is still white in the movie. A lot of slagging going on, in just your tone, about how awful it was that liberals were ruining things and forcing an adopted brother storyline onto the FF's origin just for the sake of political correctness. As someone who finds that mindset idiotic, I was delighted when a later trailer revealed that the movie's version of Dr. Franklin Storm is also black, meaning SUE is the adopted kid in this version, and not Johnny. Loved it.

    You do know that you are pushing a social agenda just as hard as anyone you are complaining about, yes? It's simply one that doesn't make you uncomfortable.

    1. Well, the Ultimate Nick Fury was designed by Bryan Hitch specifically to look like Samuel L. Jackson, without permission, and when Jackson saw the comics, instead of being mad, he contacted Marvel and volunteered to play Nick Fury in the movies. I love Jackson in the movies, I think he's the perfect Nick Fury, but the fact remains that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is clearly the 616 Universe, not the Ultimate Universe. Therefore, it doesn't matter what happens in the UU, only what happens in the 616. To be honest, I don't care who is black and who is white and who is Asian and who is Hispanic in the movies, it makes no difference to me so long as they are great in the part. It only bugs me when you get people on the left (which seems to be the only place these things come from) whining about race for one thing and totally ignoring where race has been messed with for others.

      Of course, we know that these people have no clue about the comics, they're just running around pushing a political agenda. I don't think they're fans at all. It's the same thing as I pointed out on my post on the Hugos. I don't think those people are fans of literary sci-fi and fantasy. I doubt they've read any of the books. They're just buying voting rights so they can push their agenda.

      I'm not pushing any agenda, I'm just pointing out their hypocrisy. If you think I'm pushing an agenda, by all means enlighten me with details.

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