Utopian Dreams

utopia2It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote about the failure of liberals to recognize their own faults and short-comings, but these things keep coming up and I find it important to address them.  I really find this funny but when I talk to liberals about personal and fiscal responsibility, the first thing they say is “not everyone is responsible” as though that’s a reason not to push for a world where people actually are.  I’ve had them call me a dreamer, implying that all I’m doing is engaging in wishful thinking, but isn’t that the same thing they do on a regular basis?  After all, if the world really was the way that anyone wanted it to be, why would they keep fighting to change it?  If everyone was responsible, what would be the point of advocating for it?  It’s a goal, one that I think that if it were adopted, would solve many of the problems we see in society today.  I don’t pretend that we already have it, nor that it will be an easy position for society to accept.

But isn’t that the same thing that liberals do when they push for their “color-blind, gender-blind, orientation-blind” utopia? They want something that does not currently exist.  Is it a rational response to say “not everyone is non-sexist or non-racist” and leave it at that?  If makes no sense whatsoever to say that because some people are irresponsible, that we ought to throw up our hands and concede defeat.  We don’t do that with murderers.  We don’t pretend that because some people are going to kill others, that we shouldn’t try to do something about it, at the very least, punish these people who violate social dictates.  We don’t do that with child molesters.  Yes, a certain minuscule percentage of people are going to always molest children but we hold the ones that do accountable for their actions and punish them.  Why shouldn’t we hold the irresponsible accountable for their actions as well?  Liberals don’t like that because they don’t want to hold anyone accountable, except for the imaginary crimes of wealthy white men, those people they’re willing to point the finger at whether they’re actually demonstrably guilty of anything or not. The fact remains, we don’t have a utopia where nobody murders and nobody molests children.  Most of us would like to live in such a world and we do make efforts to get closer to that utopian paradise, even if we’ll never actually get there.  These are dreams, but they are dreams we all have and they are not unreasonable to want.  So why is it so absurd to suggest that we should be working toward a culture where people are held accountable for their actions and the expectation is personal and fiscal responsibility?  Why is it a pie-in-the-sky fantasy when conservatives do it but not when liberals do it?

Because they’re totally blind to their own failings and hypocrisies, that’s why.  I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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