Horror Show Sunday: Pedophile Priestly Sect

Pope Francis Granada
About damn time he does something about pedophile priests.

We clearly haven’t talked about Catholic sex abuse enough because there are still tons of stories coming out about pedophile priests.  This time, we turn our attention to Granada where parish priests near the Andalusian city’s Zaidín neighborhood have been accused of repeatedly and systematically molesting young boys.  The priests, who are reportedly all friends, attracted young boys to their parish where they filled their heads with religious ideas, then started to teach them that sex with the priests was nothing to be ashamed of, followed by what has been described as brutal sex acts performed on the boys.

Ten priests and two laypeople have been accused of not only molesting boys from the community, but of maintaining ongoing sexual relationships with each other.  The group of ultraconservative priests, called “Los Romanones”, maintained several luxury apartments and a house in which these rituals took place.

One of the victims, a man who is currently 24, but was molested when he was between 13 and 17, wrote a letter to Pope Francis explaining the situation.  The letter was also provided to local authorities, which is probably the only reason Francis reacted. He has called Francisco Javier Martínez, the Archbishop of Granada, on the carpet and as a consequence of this, Martínez has removed the ten priests from their religious duties pending an investigation.  Now before you start thinking that this is how things actually get fixed, before the direct intervention of the Pope, Martínez had only dealt with 3 of the 10 priests, with no reason to think he intended to do any more.  Martínez was flown to the Vatican where Francis could question him more directly on the issue.  It really makes me wonder if this guy is going to keep his job.

While I rarely have anything nice to say about Pope Francis, I’m glad he took some time out of his busy schedule to actually do something in this case.  Now when will he get around to the thousands of other cases worldwide?  Not soon, I don’t think. I suspect we’ll continue to see cases of priestly sex abuse on Horror Show Sunday for years and years to come.

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