If You’re Anti-Gay, Forget Getting Elected

Anti_Gay_and_Lesbian_movements_signThere have been a lot of social changes going on in western society recently, some good, some bad.  This one falls squarely into the “good” category.  As we all know, the GOP has a problem, they’re anti-gay in a society that is increasingly accepting of alternate lifestyles.  However, I don’t think they knew how big their problem was until a GOP pollster made a shocking discovery.  The time is coming very, very quickly where any openly anti-gay candidate simply will not be able to carry the most important demographic in America, people under 30.

Republican pollster Whit Ayers praised Indiana’s recent move to downgrade their religious freedom law, making it clear that it wasn’t designed to provide religious zealots a means to discriminate against gays, even though that’s exactly what it was meant to do.  I think it’s clear that more and more Republican candidates are going to have to drop gay-hate from their platforms or face irrelevancy at the polls.  While close to 75% of Republicans claim to be anti-gay, according to polls by Gallup, for those under 30, more than 60% support gay rights and gay marriage.

“We’re headed to the point where a political candidate who is perceived as anti-gay at the presidential level will never connect with people under 30 years old,” Ayres said.  Even though he says he would never ask a candidate to change their fundamental beliefs, he does say that he would advise the candidate to spin those positions in a more positive light.  He says that the future GOP is going to have to adopt a center-right position if they want to have any chance at all at a run for the White House in 2016.

Unfortunately, I don’t know that the GOP is capable of making such fundamental changes, they have spent years catering almost exclusively to an older, highly religious, primarily white audience, but that’s simply failed to take hold.  In 2012, Romney appealed to only 27% of Hispanic voters, Ayres says that the Republicans must capture at least 40% of Hispanic voters to have any chance at all of winning in 2016.  I just don’t think they’re willing to make the chances required to get those numbers.  Their core audience will never accept gay marriage as a plank in the platform.  Many of those people will have to die first.  I honestly don’t have a problem with that.  Time to oust the old garbage in favor of a Republican Party that can actually compete in the arena of ideas.  It’s the only way we’ll be able to fight against the growing liberal tide that is ruining America.


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