Horror Show Sunday: Not Only Muslims Behead

Isaiah MarinI guess we’ve mostly gotten used to the idea that beheading is primarily a Muslim means of execution, but they are certainly not the only ones known to take a sharp instrument and separate their enemy’s head from their shoulders.  It’s also not true that beheadings are a Middle East, third-world practice, some of them happen right here at home and at the hands of Christians.

Isaiah Zoar Marin, a fundamentalist Christian living in Stillwater, Oklahoma, decided to whack off the head of his roommate because he was convinced that his roommate, Jacob Andrew Crockett, was practicing witchcraft.  They were playing cards together when Marin pulled a large sword and while swinging it around, nearly severed Crockett’s head from his body.  Crockett was also found with multiple stab wounds.  Marin later told police that  Crockett’s witchcraft was a violation of his self-described “strong religious beliefs”.  Authorities also said that Marin was rambling about “sacrificing” and “magic”.  Other students at the nearby Northwest Oklahoma College where both Marin and Crockett attended described Marin as a “religious zealot”.  Police later learned that Marin had been watching fundamentalist videos on YouTube.

Marin, caught on surveillance video, carrying the sword after the fatal attack.

Oklahoma prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Marin, who they say had premeditated the crime and attacked Crockett in a particularly heinous and violent manner.  I hope he gets it.

However, the media, especially the right-wing media that spends a lot of time pointing out Muslim violence, has been largely silent on this case.  When it’s Christianity, they don’t say a word or they make excuses for why his religion had nothing to do with it, even though he was quite clear that it was his primary motivation.

Hypocrisy?  You don’t say?  But it is yet another case for Horror Show Sunday, not that anyone ought to be surprised.



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