The Liberal Hypocrisy Continues

Liberal Experience

Although it’s rare these days, the only blog I ever look at over on FreeThoughtBlogs is the Atheist Experience blog, just to see what people say about the most recent episode of Atheist Experience.  Of course, it’s filled to the brim with a bunch of ultra-liberal whack-a-loons, but what can you expect?  Recently, on this post, someone named Robert, not Bob said that “the real problem seems to be how to tell people their most fundamental mental assumptions are wrong. I’ve run into this with anti-Feminism, conservatism of all stripes, and New-Age woo (as well as religion). I don’t know if there is a solution: there’s nothing more guaranteed to bring up the defenses.”

Of course, neither he, nor any of the other posters, recognized that the exact same thing happens with liberal ideas too, such as feminism (which he capitalizes for some reasons, as though that makes it important), liberalism of all stripes and any number of liberal woo causes.  It seems that when it’s absurd, woo-driven bullshit that they don’t like, they can see the failures and faults in the process, but when it’s absurd, woo-driven bullshit that they do like, it suddenly becomes invisible.

Another poster, Peggy, responded with ” And not just their defenses but their offensive position, too. It feels rather tribal. And, yes, saying that I’m happy now and glad to be out can’t help but sound pretty insulting to those who consider being “in” a virtue, no matter how it’s said. I just really didn’t expect the pure meanness, I guess.”  Sure, this coming from the liberal side, characterized by Richard Carrier with “There is a new atheism brewing, and it’s the rift we need, to cut free the dead weight so we can kick the C.H.U.D.’s back into the sewers and finally disown them, once and for all.”  Lack of tribalism on the liberal side? Hardly.  These are the people who form cliques and write BlockBots and try to harm their opponents by doxxing them and trying to get them fired from their jobs.  I’ve rarely seen anyone on the other side try to do that.  Liberals aren’t only fanatics, they’re mean fanatics who are utterly blinded to their own faults and failures.  They can point fingers, they just can’t see when the fingers are pointing back at them.

Another one, JD and Co., seems to think that people on the other side just react badly for no reason at all, such as when he became a vegetarian.  Now I can’t speak to that particular case, but in another recent debate, someone popped on, said they were a vegan, and immediately started moralizing about how horrible anyone who eats meat actually is.  This seems to be quite normal for the vegetarian crowd who can’t help looking down at those who don’t abstain from animal products.  Again, I have no idea what happened with JD and Co., but I can’t say I’d be surprised if he did the same thing, it seems very common.  When you attack others, they have every right to turn it around on you.  Liberals are totally blind to this as well.  Try telling one of them that you’re not a feminist and watch them shit their pants.  I’m sure they’ll tell you that you’re intolerant too, tolerance only goes one way in the liberal worldview. just like racism and sexism and all the rest does.

It constantly amazes me just how similar liberalism and fundamentalist religion are.  They both operate on pure and completely blind faith.  Both of them point fingers at their opponents and accuse them of “heresy”, insisting that their enemies are acting wrong-headedly, while entirely ignoring the exact same things within their own ranks.  They share the same penchant to twist and turn words to get the best effect from them, even if they’re guilty of misquotes and misrepresentations of their sources.  They redefine terminology so that they can sound reasonable, while taking the opposition to account for doing the same thing.  They’ve gotten so absurd that now, they’re co-opting the definition of “egalitarian” for that of “feminism” because they’re tired of people attacking them for only caring about the rights of women.  Feminism is now the same as egalitarianism unless you’re talking about equality for white men, at which point you’re sexist and racist.

When is this liberal stupidity ever going to end and when are we going to hold the people who act emotionally, irrationally and stupidly accountable?  My prediction?  Not any time soon.

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