Horror Show Sunday: Smoking Kills – The Islamic Version

They can't do anything that injures the body, but apparently, ISIS can murder them in cold blood?
They can’t do anything that injures the body, but apparently, ISIS can murder them in cold blood?

Just one more, not because I don’t have a ton of stories about Muslims committing mass murder for no reason whatsoever, but because I’m getting really depressed.  Once again, we have to go to those wonderful religious fucktards in ISIS for carnage for no reason whatsoever, just because they’re a bunch of assholes.  In Reyhanli, Turkey, the Shiyat tribe were very unhappy when ISIS came to town. They were more unhappy when ISIS fighters whipped a local man to death for daring to smoke a cigarette in the street, a violation of their interpretation of the Qur’an.  The man’s brother, quite distressed by the situation, took a shot at a local patrol, killing one man and triggering a rash of bloodshed which left locals shocked.  Over the course of several days, more than 700 people were brutally murdered by ISIS forces, they rounded up every man over the age of 15 and set about systematically slaughtering them.

I’m really not sure how ISIS justifies this, after all, the whole reason they are against smoking is because they believe Sharia Law prohibits them from doing anything that injures the body, either quickly or slowly.  But they whipped this guy to death and then slaughtered 700 villagers.  Aren’t they injuring the body?  Are these people fucking stupid?  I guess that just goes to prove that, once again, religious rationalization can justify anything, no matter how absurd.

Now you might think it hard to come up with an up-side to this story, after all, every man over 15 is now dead in this tribe, but there is something to take away from it and I hope that it spreads like wildfire.  A local survivor was recorded as having said, “Now we hate everyone who prays.”  Great.  Just follow that line of logic, maybe you’ll do just fine once you rebuild.

Radical Islam is a problem, not only for those that do not share their beliefs, but for those that do.  Sectarian violence among the religious is commonplace and maybe the religious worldwide ought to think about that when looking at their sectarian brothers who may be plotting their demise nearby.  Just a helpful hint from Horror Show Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Smoking Kills – The Islamic Version”

  1. Great piece, well done. Maybe more acts such as this will turn the tide on religious fundamentalism all over the world of all faiths Fun-Dah-Mentalist Taking the Fun out of life, and putting Duh! and Mental in! Muzzy's have actually managed to out crazy Christians.

    1. Oh, I think the Christians are just as crazy, they just tend to live in secular societies that don't allow the Christian craziness to explode all over everyone. Muslims can just get away with things that Christians, by and large, never could, but likely would if they were allowed.

        1. A lot of Christianity in West Africa is mixed with witchcraft. They're the same people murdering albinos and cutting them up so they can use their body parts in spells.

          1. The Christian pantheon of Gods at work. Yahweh (the father) Jesus the (Son) Casper the ( Ghost) Satan the ( god of this world ) read the Bible people. And lets not forget all of the minor deities Angels,Demons,and the Saints. ( Not the NFL type).

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