Who Didn’t Know This about Narcissism?

Too much praiseResearchers get paid altogether too much money to tell us things that anyone with an ounce of common sense already knows. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports that, by studying more than 500 children in the Netherlands, researchers found that parents who praise their children too much may encourage narcissism.

No shit, you don’t say!

Parents who described their children as “more special than other children” had a much, much higher percentage of spoiled, narcissistic kids than parents who simply loved their children.  Researcher Brad Bushman, professor of communication and psychology at Ohio State University, says “That may not be good for them or for society.”  Well duh!

It isn’t like they had no clue what they were  getting themselves into, people like me were pointing out the utter absurdity of this years ago, back before schools were giving out trophies for just showing up and parents were flying their personal helicopters around their delicate little darlings 24/7, we pointed out that doing this was going to give you a generation of entitled, spoiled-rotten brats who expected everyone to treat them like princes and princesses.  It isn’t like nobody told these idiot liberals, they knew, they just didn’t listen, or more likely didn’t care.  I think that’s closer to the truth, they don’t care because the only thing they want is to make themselves and their constituents happy, even if it’s going to cause problems down the line, because happy voters are pliable voters.

So you had hordes of lefty lunatics writing self-help books telling parents never to spank their kids, never to raise their voices to their kids, to treat their kids like they’re something special and essentially to let the kids raise themselves.  This is at a time when liberal parents were too busy getting drunk with their friends, too busy being occupied with other things to bother actually being parents.  Try to make up for failures in parenting by piling on unearned praise that makes these liberal asshats feel better about their pathetic inadequacies.

Now what’s going to happen in another decade or two when the ridiculous crap that the liberals are pushing today comes home to roost?  It’s clear they’re not going to pay any more attention to those who are pointing out the enormous pitfalls they’re blindly stumbling into because liberals are all special.  You know, short bus special.  I hate to say we all told them so, but we’ve spent a fair amount of time doing it and they never learn.


1 thought on “Who Didn’t Know This about Narcissism?

  1. Yes, one knows that Conservative children are never Narcissistic and are so well adjusted?( Sarcasm) Could have skipped the political conservative short bus glibness,( You know you took the shot ) and stuck to it as an American cultural problem. Other than that not a bad piece,just jumped the tracks at the end.

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