Libertarians are Assholes

Hey AssholeThere’s a video that popped up of a guy in an area where open carry is legal, being a complete dick to police who stopped him to ask him some questions.  I have no idea if this guy is a libertarian, it’s largely irrelevant to the post, but let’s be honest, this guy was a complete prick regardless of his political inclinations.

The problem is, in the forum where this was being discussed, every single solitary self-identified libertarian was being a prick, saying the cops could fuck off, saying the cops were lucky the guy didn’t shoot them, etc. They were arguing that they had no obligation to talk to cops, they hated cops and wished they’d all die. Well yes, you’re right, you have no legal obligation to be grilled, but what does it hurt to answer a couple of questions, even if you don’t have to?  Why is it such a problem to just be polite to anyone, police officer or otherwise?

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Seriously, what is wrong with these people?  One guy was saying he’ll die for his right to carry a gun anywhere he goes and if they try to stop him, they’ll have to pull a whole ton of dead cops off of him first. What a bunch of immature malarkey. When you point it out to these idiots, they act proud of it too.  It’s like a bunch of 12-year olds swinging their dicks around, trying to act like adults.

Of course, not all libertarians are like this but enough are, at least enough of the ones I run into online are, that I think this is a serious problem.  You get the asshats who hate drug laws and think they ought to blow pot smoke in the face of police where it’s illegal, or shoot up where it’s illegal, because they have these imaginary rights and nobody better tell them otherwise.  It reminds me of something that I saw regularly a number of years ago when the big “you don’t have to pay income taxes” nonsense was going on.   There were tons of these really immature asshats saying that not only were they not going to pay taxes, they were going to rub it in the face of law enforcement and the IRS as well.  I’m hoping most of those people went to prison for tax evasion and got the book thrown at them especially hard, just because they were pricks.

What’s wrong with just being an upstanding adult regardless of your political views?  We know that libertarians skew young but geez, do they have to act like it?


5 thoughts on “Libertarians are Assholes”

  1. The fact that this person feels it was necessary to wear a camera shows that he is an idiot. When people are calling and saying they are worried about something why should he be such an ass and not just answer questions. It shows that he has zero concern for other people and only his rights are important. What a retard, decency is dead in this society.
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  2. Got to agree with you, this guy is an asshole.

    He seems to think, among other things, that public servants are required to abandon their free speech rights when they are on the job. He was wrong in his assertion that the officers had a responsibility to answer his questions. They are no more obligated to answer his questions than he is to answer theirs, at least as a matter of constitutional law.

    Seems this guy was looking for a confrontation. Sure, he was exercising his rights. But he chose a rather idiotic and wreckless manner to do so.

  3. Libertarians are not the only ones who get a hard-on when it comes to their guns and their gun rights. Many a modern-day conservative is just as much of a fanatic when it comes to their guns. Not to mention Tea Partiers, and the real wacko nut jobs, the sovereign citizens wingnuts. So you should direct a little of your rage at these idiots as well.

  4. I totally disagree this man was not involved in a crime, and had no reason to be harassed by the cops. He said he did not wish to talk with them that is all. They are local cops are not the KGB. They should have left him alone. This is just another example of abuse of power by the police. Public school officials do not have the right to ban or the authority to ban public citizens from a public building.

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