Racism: Gotta Start ’em Young

Radical BrowniesOnly in a place like San Francisco would you find such an absurd liberal load of horse shit taking place.  We’ve all heard of the Girl Scouts, right?  And their younger counterparts, the Brownies?  Well here’s a group, based in Oakland, right outside of San Francisco, one of the major hubs for liberal lunacy, who isn’t out in front of Walmart selling cookies, they’re out selling social justice, and racist social justice at that!

Yes, these little girls are spreading the “black people are better” message that racist liberals are so good at and, like religion long ago realized, if you get these kids young, when their rational mind isn’t developed, you’ve got a disciple for life.  Get ’em thinking about racism and sexism and other liberal chestnuts quick!

And seriously, who the fuck names these idiots?  What imbecile would name their kid “Coatlupe”?  Only a loony liberal.

This is just more evidence that these idiotic social justice warriors are little more than a political cult, they’re indoctrinating young children into their mental poison and these little girls today are going to be the S.C.U.M. of the next generation. This is where radicalism starts folks, it’s no surprise that these are named the Radical Brownies.

But of course, you get the loony liberal atheist fringe who decry religious indoctrination at a young age, yet are standing on their chairs and cheering when this kind of stuff goes on.  It’s like the Christians who complain about Muslim madrassas and then stick their kids in religious schools and dump them at Sunday School every weekend.  Now certainly, most everything that parents do when their children are young is indoctrination, it’s how we teach language, inculcate them into societal norms and educate them through schooling.  The first few years of a child’s life, they are an open sponge that soaks up knowledge. Complaining about one form of indoctrination while engaging in another is a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?  Of course, there ought to be limits and we ought to be doing what is best for the child’s future life and development.  I don’t think having a bunch of girls pushing social justice outside of Walmart is doing what’s best for the kids, it’s just stroking the egos of the idiot parents.  Oh, and note that in the story, nobody mentions the fathers of these girls.  Think any of them are in the picture?  Me either.


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